James's Light Meter Collection: Bertram Bewi Super L
Bertram Bewi Super L
Maker: Bertram
Model: Bewi Super L
Circa: 1973
Price (new): $49.50
Cell type: CdS
Measure type: Reflecting / Averaging and 3D Incident
Battery: tbd

One of the last of the Bertram/Bewi meters. The only thing I've found that's later than this is their Zoom Spot, which I don't own.

This is an updating of their Super, the bigger brother of their Quick. The Quick was a selenium job, the Super had a CdS cell and an incident sphere that was on a hinged plate, so you could flip it on or off as needed.The difference between the Super L and the plain Super appears to be only the addition of a battery check button on the Super L.

Nice little rig. Same case as the Quick but this is charcoal grey. There's a hinged cap over the top to protect the cell. You flick that open with your fingernail and it exposes the incident dome. That dome is mounted on a hinged plate, so you can flick that down and now you've got a reflected meter.

A very nice calculator dial, too. It's bright and easy to read, and smooth. Bertram meters are typically nicely done, and this is no exception. It's a shame they no longer make them.

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