Kalimar Clip-on Disassembly & Notes (Page 1)

Kalimar Clip-on Disassembly and Notes

Kalimar Clip-on meter with front cover removed

Face Off

I took the face off of this meter to clean up some of the acid that had leaked from the old battery; also hoped I could find a clue as to the actual manufacturer (Kalimar is an importer. They branded all kinds of stuff from around the world). No go, but while I had the front off, I thought I'd shoot a picture of it.

This is the meter assembly, and that black part up is the back of the meter face. There are no numbers, this is a match-needle system and the pointer is directly connected to the calculator dial, which is on the front cover. The black thing with the spring next to the red bracket (on the middle left) is the battery-check button. The battery well is on the bottom of the case and sits below the meter face (on top). The CdS cell is located under the Kalimar badge and can't be seen here.

The needle swings freely, and suspect that if I put a good battery in it, it would work. Unfortunately the proper battery is a 1.35v mercury, so I'd have to have it recalibrated to use a modern equivalent, or buy a special adapter. Not worth the trouble.

This was an easy disassembly: three little screws and a jeweler's screwdriver. No funky tamper-restant gimmicks that make disasssembly such a chore..