Harrison Color Corrector Attachment (Weston) Disassembly & Notes

Harrison Color Corrector Attachment (Weston) Disassembly and Notes

Harrison Color Corrector (Weston Attachment)

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Here's our patient as we begin. We're looking at the front size. The back (flipped over) attaches to a Weston Master meter (a Master, II or III. Later Masters have a smaller cell and it won't fit).

I apologize again for the mediocre quality. I'm not properly set up for this so I've got two different light temperatures, no proper fill, and so on. This is the best I can do for the time being..


Screws detail

Easily Opened

This is very easy to dissemble. There are four screws on each side and none of them are tamper-resistant. A small phillips head screwdriver will back them out easily.


Here it is with the front cover removed and set to the side. I left this in color so you can see the red/blue filter. There's a sliding metal panel with a red and blue filter on it. There's a fob on one end (top) and a loop spring on the bottom. When the case is closed, the loop spring presses against the case and creates some back-tension as you slide the filter panel. The filter panel rides on two fabric covered channels (right and left) which create enough friction to keep it in place when you let go.

Aperture detail

Sliding Aperture

If you slide the filter panel out, you expose the aperture. There are two plates which slide up and down. It's shown here fully closed. The aperture plates are driven by that metal wheel, which has two raised pins. The pins each ride in a channel in the aperture panels, so as you turn the wheel, the panels are pushed together or apart.

Case back


This is the case back, same as above, but flipped over. That metal panel slides freely in and out. When you're using it, you slide it out (where you can see it) and it provides the instructions. This metal panel has a bend in the end so it's held captive.