James's Camera Collection: Minolta's Creative Expansion Cards

Minolta's Creative Expansion Cards

Minolta Creative Expansion Card: DepthBeginning with the Maxxum 7000i, Minolta introduced the Creative Expansion Card system which allowed additional features when the card was plugged into the camera. The following cameras are known to use the expansion card system: 5000i, 7000i, 8000i, 5xi, 7xi, 9xi.

Some cards were compatible only with certain cameras. This list is as accurate as my research allows; however, if I something is incorrect, please contact me and let me know.

Wherever possible, information sources are from Minolta's documentation.

Card Name Short Name Camera Compatibility Description
A/S Mode A/S Mode 5000i adds aperture- and shutter-priority modes
Automatic Depth Control Depth All maximizes depth of field
Auto Program Exposure Shift Shift 7000i, 8000i, 7xi, 9xi allows a three-frame exposure series where the overall exposure remains the same but the aperture/shutter combination varies; program shift can be set 1, 2, or 3 stops
Auto Program Exposure Shift 2 Shift-2 9xi same as Shift, additional features unknown
Background Priority Backgrnd 7xi, 9xi user selects approximate depth of field by turning front dial to move pointer on the metering index; card maintains chosen background sharpness if focal length or subject distance changes
Child Child 5xi, 7xi, 9xi Five different APZ (Advanced Program Zoom) programs selectable for subject/environment balance
Close-Up Closeup All provides depth of field suitable for close-up and macro; sets aperture based on subject magnification, selects shutter bsed on aperture
Customized Function Custom 5000i, 7000i, 8000i Can change camera's standard features for personal needs: frame number frame number; automatic or manual film-rewinding; film-leader full-rewind or tail left out; focus hold, center area focusing or continous focus adjustment
Customized Function xi Customxi 7xi, 9xi Same as Custom but adds standard setting when Program Rset button is pressed; Auto DX memory on/off; Automatic Flash when required in P mode on/off; Lens function or AF control button fuction; Automatic grip sensor activation on/off
Data Memory Card Data 7000i, 8000i, 7xi, 9xi stores data for up to 40 exposures on a roll of film: exposure mode; shutter speed; aperture; exposure adjustment; lens focal length; max lens aperture. Can be recalled when you want to check exposure settings
Data Memory Card 2 Data-2 9xi Same as Data but records up to four rolls of 40 exposures each
Exposure Bracketing Bracket 7000i, 8000i, 5xi, 7xi, 9xi allows a series of exposures with a preset exposure change for each frame; 3, 5 or 7 exposure latitude, 0.3, 0.5, or 1 stops each
Exposure Bracketing 2 Bracket-2 7xi, 9xi combines Bracket and Flash-Br card features
Fantasy Effect Fantasy 7000i, 8000i, 7xi, 9xi automatically shifts focus during expposure to provide a mixture of two creative effects: soft-focus on edges and details and a misty, dreamlike effect; and a zoom-like effect
Fantasy Effect 2 Fantasy-2 9xi same as Fantasy but works with multiple exposures on a single frame
Flash Bracketing Flash-Br 7000i, 8000i, 5xi, 7xi, 9xi allows a series of flash exposures with a preset exposure change for each frame; 3, 5 or 7 exposure latitude, 0.5 or 1 EV steps each
Highlight/Shadow Control H/S 7000i, 8000i, 7xi, 9xi using camera's spot metering, increases exposure 2.3 stops for highlights, decreases 2.7 stops for shadows
Intervalometer Interval 7xi, 9xi allows time-lapse exposures from 1 second to 24 hours
Multiple Exposure Mult-Exp 8000i, 5xi, 7xi, 9xi make up to nine eposures on a single frame; includes options for fade-in and fade-out graduated exposure changes
Multiple Exposure 2 Mult-Ex-2 7xi, 9xi unknown how this differs from Mult-Exp
Multi Spot Memory Mult-Spot 7000i, 8000i, 7xi, 9xi stores exposure values for up to 8 spot areas, then expose for the average of those readings
Panning Pan 7xi, 9xi selects slowest possbile shutter speed so that background flows around a sharply-focused subject; metering index is displayed in viewfinder
Portrait Portrait All automatically adjusts aperture and shutter to seperate the subject from the background
Sports Action Sports All autoexposure program is shifted according to subject distance and lens focal length; allows continuous autofocus
Sports Action 2 Sports-2 7xi, 9xi same as Sports but can be used with APZ (Advanced Program Zoom) on the 9xi
Travel Travel 5xi, 7xi, 9xi auto adjusts the depth of field to provide maximum sharpness for the scene; can be programmed to minimize subject blur while moving
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