James's Camera Collection: Acknowledgements, Links & References

Acknowledgements, Links & References


I'd like to thank everyone who posted so much good information on their websites. Special thanks to John Gilchrist for info on the Kodak M5 movie camera, Bud Watkins for the QRS/DeVry advertisement, Peter Foster for a large number of Durst, LPL and a new Kaiser System-V enlarger manuals, and Arto Koljonen for the Opemus 5 manuals, Kelly Chandler for the Wollensak 8 Model 58 movie camera, George for the Revere 48 16-mm projector and Revere 50 cine camera manuals, Rod Morgan for the Opemus III literature, Doug Fry for the Capital De Luxe light meter, Sayco Alford for the Bell & Howell 319/220 cine camera manual, and Richard van Dijk for work combining and ordering the pages of the Opemus 5 manual.

Resources and Links

Official Camera-Maker Websites

  1. Agfa
  2. Argus
  3. Canon USA
  4. Eastman Kodak
  5. Mamiya USA
  6. Mattel, Inc. — makers of View-Master products.
  7. Konica Minolta US
  8. Nikon USA

Excellent Camera Reference Sites

  1. Photography in Malaysia — arguably the best website I've seen about modern cameras. Some nice photos, too.
  2. Photoethnography — has great information on the owner's camera collection.
  3. Virtual Camera Museum — a nice collection with brief info on a variety of cameras, including many I haven't come across elsewhere.
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