James's Camera Collection: Unknown digital camera

Unknown Japan Digital cameras
Unknown digital camera
Camera type: Point-n-shoot
Battery: two AAA
Approx. street value: none

You know you've got something awful when the maker won't put their name on it—any name whatsoever. This one literally has no ID at all. It just says Digital on the front and "mode" under a button the back. I suppose I could pop it open, but I rarely see identification inside where there's nothing outside.

I haven't tried this one out, even though it's very simple. It takes two AAA batteries. No zoom, no nothing. The shutter is on the top. There's a "mode" button on the back and a little LCD screen that probably prints the mode number. I suspect it's probably just like my Mini Digital, except that this one is larger (about the size of a pack of cigarettes).

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