James's Camera Collection: TDC-206QB

TDC-206QB Japan Digital camera
Camera type: Digital
Approx. dates of manufacture: 2004
Memory card: Secure Digital (SD)
Approx. street value: $15

I don't really know what this is. The name/model comes from the body of the camera. There is no maker's name to it. TDC was a real company back in the 1950s; they made stereo cameras (TDC meant "The Three Dimension Company") and slide projectors and such, but they went under decades ago.

Anyway, this is some cheap-o no-name digital point-n-shoot that showed up at a local thrift shop for $16 at a time when I wanted one to tear apart for an infrared project, and this fit the bill. It didn't take too long to pop it apart and remove the internal IR filter, and now it takes infrared-sensitive photos.

As a camera it's so-so. It's very light, only runs on 2 AA batteries, and because it's newer, it offers much higher resolution than my more expensive Kodak and Canon contemporaries, but it lacks any kind of focus; it only has digital zoom, and it eats batteries even when it's turned off. And it doesn't like my rechargeables, so it's not getting a lot of use.

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