James's Camera Collection: Ricoh Singlex

Ricoh Singlex Japan 35mm cameras
Ricoh Singlex
Camera type: Single Lens Reflex (SLR)
Approx. date of manufacture: 1962
Lens Mount: Pentax/Praktica Universal Screw mount (M42)
Approx. original price: $199.95
Approx. street value: low

I don't remember where I got this. I was rooting through a box of cameras in storage for things to add to this site, and I came across it. It probably came out of my box of broken cameras, since it's missing the front lever (note duct tape on front. That's not from the manufacturer). Who knows what else is gone.

This started out life as an early Nikon-branded (but Mamiya-made?) SLR, the Nikkorex F. When Nikon shut it down, Ricoh bought the tooling and put it back into service (this is not an uncommon practice. See my Ciro 35) to establish themselves in the market while they developed their own baby.

Another M42 screw-mount body which means it's easy to get lenses. But I'll bet the battery is long gone.

Ricoh Singlex ad (1964)This camera was also branded in the USA as the Sears SLII. It appears that Ricoh sold several models to Sears. In the USA, anyway, they were a second-tier maker (along with, rightly or wrongly, Yashica, Konica, Chinon and others).

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