James's Camera Collection: Polaroid Land 360

Polaroid Land 360 USA Instant Cameras
Polaroid Land 360
Approx. dates of manufacture: 1969-1971
Approx. original price: $200
Approx. street value: None

As I was saying on the page for the Model 210, Polaroid liked to make a slew of models which were all just small variations of each other. According to The Land List website, this model 360 is a 350 with a couple of tweaks, namely it has an electronic flash unit. The 350 was a 250 with the automatic development timer on it (which was basically an egg timer you used to determine how long to wait before you could peel-apart the photo), and the 250 was the model 100 with a flip-up Zeiss rangefinder box. That's the one thing on this beast that I think is a huge step ahead of the rest. Once you see the rangefinder fold down and out of the way, you wonder why the others don't.

click for larger adThis was my father's Polaroid, though he also had a Big Shot. I have no idea how or where he got it, it just was there. All I remember is that film was expensive and it almost never got used; he preferred his old Graflex Century 35, and a Canon AE-1 later on. My mother was more partial to Polaroids, but she liked the 600-series One Steps.

Camera manual: Orphan Cameras.com

Modern Photography magazine camera test: July 1969

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