James's Camera Collection: Olympus Stylus (aka µ)
Olympus Stylus (aka µ) Japan 35mm cameras
Olympus Stylus camera
Camera type: Point & Shoot
Battery: one 3V CR123A
Approx. dates of manufacture: 1991
Approx. street value: $2

Purchased for $1 at a thrift shop because I thought it was an Olympus XA, a camera I always wanted. This evolved from the XA—it's an extremely compact 35mm camera with a sliding cover that covers the lens, viewfinder and flash (mouse over the image to see it). But the XA came out around 1979; this is an autofocus model.

Finding info on it was a royal pain. It's officially known as a "micro," as Olympus used the Greek letter mu (µ); but in the USA (as in the photo), it's called a Stylus with the Greek letter ∞. Further, Olympus used the name "Stylus" the way Canon used "Sure Shot," as a brand for about 10,000 different models. Unlike Canon, Olympus doesn't have its own online "museum" of its cameras.


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