James's Camera Collection: Minolta XG-M

Minolta XG-M W. Germany 35mm cameras
Minolta XG-M
Camera type: Single Lens Reflex (SLR)
Approx. dates of manufacture: 1981
Shutter speeds: 1 to 1/1000, plus B. X-sync at 1/60th
Lens Mount: Minolta MD
Batteries: two LR44 button types
Approx. original price: $488 (MSRP)
Approx. street value: low-moderate

According to Wikipedia, this was Minolta's top of their mid-tier XG series, where it replaced the XG-9. It also claims this is the first camera with the new Minolta logo (dark O with the horizonal lines). It was also the basis for their next top-line, manual focus SLR, the X-700.

Minolta liked to offer a lot of cameras with small differences between them (their srT was big on this). According to McBroom's Camera Bluebook, 1995-96 edition, this is the XG lineup:

All have aperture-priority auto-exposure, non-metered manual (except the XG-A), and automatic flash using dedicated units. All offere epxoure compensation, a self-timer, and accept the accessory Winder-G.

XG-1: has the older-style body and the old Minolta logo on the prism. Does not accept the accessory Data Back G.

XG-1n: still says XG-1, but has the updated X-570 / X-370 ergonomically-styled body, and the later Minolta logo. Will accept the accessory Data Back G.

XG-7: an XG-1 with a film-memo holder on the standard back. Will accept the accessory Data Back G.

XG-7A: a black-bodied XG-M.

XG-9: an XG-7 with a window in the viewfinder for direct aperture readout, and a depth-of-field exposure lever.

XG-A: an XG-7 without manual exposure capability.

XG-M: an XG-9 with AE lock and the updated ergonomic body and the new Minolta logo.

XG-SE: a black-bodied XG-7 with an Acute Matte focusing screen, which is much brighter than the standard one.

I don't know how they kept track of it all.

$6 from the thrift shop and works fine.

Modern Photography Test: September 1981

Owner's Manual: Orphan Cameras.com

Reference: Wikipedia entry

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