James's Camera Collection: Largan Lmini 350

Largan Lmini 350 Taiwan Digital cameras
HP Photosmart 315 digital camera
Camera type: Point-n-shoot
Battery: CR123A
Max Resolution:640x480
Approx. date of manufacture: 1998
Memory card: none
Original Price: $150
Approx. street value: zero

A gift from one of my aunts, who retired it.

Another camera of which I know nothing, and there's precious little on the internet about it. I did find that it has 2MB internal storage and no external storage. The lens 6.44mm. Shutter speed range is 1/30 to 1/10,000.

www.digitalkameramuseum.de has a page on it. They say it was tested in Taipei and that at CeBIT '99, it was award "best of Taiwan".

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