James's Camera Collection: Konica FT-1 Motor

Konica FT-1 Motor Japan 35mm cameras
Konica FT-1 Motor
Camera type: Single Lens Reflex (SLR)
Lens Mount: K/AR (Konica Bayonet Mount II)
Approx. dates of manufacture: 1983 to 1987
Approx. original price: $184.95
Approx. street value: Low

To be honest, I know virtually nothing about Konica. When I was first getting serious about photography, the Konica FS-1 was the top-rated camera by Consumer Reports, and when my parents bought me my first serious camera as a Christmas present, the guy at the camera store recommened that model. My folks held out and bought the camera that I wanted instead, a Canon AE-1.

So it's been some 30 years now and I finally got a Konica. My father found it and another camera and some other stuff at the local swap meet and brought it all home like a box of kittens.

click for larger adAccording to Buhla,de, this is the last SLR that Konica built in-house; they would later farm out the work to Cosina (whom made cameras under many brands).

The FT-1 is basically the upgraded version of the FS-1, with a lot of the FS-1's weaknesses addressed.

Mine's missing the front battery cover, which is why the left side of the picture looks so strange. This appears to be a somewhat common condition among these cameras.

Modern Photography camera test: Sept 1983

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