James's Camera Collection: Kodak Trimlite Instamatic 48

Kodak Trimlite Instamatic 48 USA Other Canon Cameras Cartridge
Kodak Trimlite Instamatic 48
Camera type: Cartridge, Subminiature
Film type: 110
Lens: 26mm ƒ/2.7 Ektar
Dates of manufacture: 1975-1979
Original price: $146!!!
Current Street value: Nothing

I don't remember where I got this—either a friend gave it to me when she retired a lot of her old point-n-shoots, or it came in a lot I bought from a thrift shop that included something I had actually wanted. Either way, I have two of these things.

Kodak introduced four Trimlites in 1975, the models 18, 28, 38 and this 48.

Model 18: base model, 25mm ƒ/1 meniscus (single-element) lens, two shutter speeds, fixed-focus. Original price $24.

Model 28: 25mm ƒ/8 lens, variable shutter, auto exposure. Original price: $61.

Model 38: shutter has longer range, CdS metering. Zone-focus, two ranges (close and far). Original price: $110.

Model 48: 26mm ƒ/2.7 Ektar (Ektars are good), rangefinder focus. Original price: $146.

The magic of YouTube: Michael Raso and the Model 18 version. He should be on QVC.



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