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Kodak Duaflex III
Camera type: Twin-Lens Reflex (TLR)
Film type: Roll film size 620 (2¼ inches square)
Approx. dates of manufacture: 1947 - 1960
Approx. original price: $25
Approx. street value: very low

I see these things at antique malls and they want some ungodly amount for them, and it makes me want to laugh out loud.

Another Kodak "me too" camera; it took over from the Brownie Reflex and took it up a notch. The lenses are a little better and it's a larger format (620 vs. 127).

Kodak made four major versions of this (in roman numerals) over 23 years, and a couple of variations: the better ones had a focusable lens, the lesser ones had fixed.

When I was a kid I kept seeing them and started picking them up; for awhile I was trying to get all of them, but sense finally prevailed and I began spending money on better things. The Duaflex III with a fixed lens is the only one I know I still have, but I suspect the others are lurking in a corner somewhere.

What's truly a shame about this camera is that it takes 620 film instead of 120. If it took 120, it would be a great "toy" camera for the people who love Dianas and Holgas. And they're certainly cheap enough (provided you stay out of antique malls).

Camera manual: Orphan Cameras.com

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