James's Camera Collection: Hanimex EF 110

Hanimex EF 110 USA Cartridge
Hanimex EF 110
Camera type: Cartridge, Subminiature
Film type: 110
Lens: 20.5mm ƒ/5.6 fixed
Dates of manufacture: late 1970s
Original price: unknown
Current Street value: almost nil

Hanimex was a US importer who branded a variety of photo equipment. I associate them more with movie and slide projectors, but they had some cameras as well, such as this little 110 pocket camera. I have no idea who the original maker was. Some Prakticas have the Hanimex co-brand.

A gift from one of my aunts, who retired it. I remember these were very popular in the 1970s because they easily fit into a purse or pocket.

Ozcamera.com says that this takes a size K 4.5volt battery, in addition to the two AAs that go into the flash. I haven't been able to find a regular battery compartiment for this camera, and I don't believe it has a light meter, so I believe they're mistaken about this model. You only need batteries to run the flash attachment.

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