James's Camera Collection: Canon Sure Shot Z85

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Canon Sure Shot Z85

Camera type: Autofocus non-SLR
Battery: 2CR5
Approx. dates of manufacture: 1994
Approx. original price: unknown
Approx. street value: very low

My mother's last film camera before she went digital (in order to keep the family from going broke on film and processing costs). She didn't quite wear this one out, though it shows a lot of wear and tear.

Another auto-everything camera, which makes it no fun for me. We bought it as a gift for my mother and got the best camera we could reasonably afford, but I don't remember looking at any specs. We picked it out mainly because it was a Canon and we had a long and positive history with the brand. When I looked this up at the Canon Museum, I was surprised to see the specs: 8 elements in 7 groups, which makes it one of the best of the point-n-shoot variety. Canon claims it was a slightly diminished version of the Z115 (whose lens had 10 elements in 9 groups).

It did take nice photos.

Camera manual: Orphan Cameras.com

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