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Canon Sure Shot Supreme
Camera type: Autofocus non-SLR
Battery: 2CR5
Approx. dates of manufacture: 1986
Approx. original price: unknown
Approx. street value: very low

I bought this for the sole, stupid reason that it came with a really nice, custom-fitted leatherette case for $5. The case itself was worth that much.

This is yet another simple Canon p&s. Without being too condescending, I don't know if there's really a dime's worth of difference between this and the other Sure Shots I have (a New Sure Shot and a Z85) but there you are.

The most interesting thing about this was trying to find the battery compartment. I'm usually good at these things, but I messed with it for an hour and I couldn't come up with it. My father finally realized that the battery cover is on the side with the strap (left hand side in the photo above) and it's held in with two tiny screws! This is the only Canon camera I've ever seen where you have to use a jeweler's screwdriver to open up the battery compartment. I suppose Canon figured the battery would last longer than the camera and wouldn't need to be replaced.

The other really goofy thing is a little plastic thing on the bottom of the camera that you can turn so that it sticks out. Why? Turns out it rocks the camera back 16° so that you can set it on a tabletop and take a self-portrait. I kid you not. Both of these are confirmed by the owner's manual over at Mike Butkus's website.

In Japan this is called the Autoboy 3, and in Europe it's the Top Shot.

Camera manual: Orphan Cameras.com

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