James's Camera Collection: Canon Powershot A85

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Canon Powershot A85
Camera type: Digital
Approx. dates of manufacture: 2004
Sensor Size: CCD 1/2.7"
Max Resolution: 2272x1704
Memory card: Compact Flash (CF)
Battery: four AA
Approx. original price: unknown
Approx. street value: $low

Canon makes several series of non-SLR digital cameras; each line of cameras begins with a letter-number designation. The A series is the entry-level tier; they're the least expensive but they also lag in features. The Sx00 Elph series is the most compact. The Sx series is mid-tier—larger and more powerful. The G series is the top: it has a lot of the EOS features but lacks interchangable lenses.

Got this one for a nominal amount because it was being retired by its previous owner: the LCD screen is flickering. Such is the problem with digital cameras: so many things to go wrong. I don't think many equivalent-quality film cameras would have developed problems over 5 years of similar service.

It's a nice enough camera, and if I hadn't already recently picked up a G2, I would have used this as a grab shot camera. It's smaller than the G2 and less wonky than my S500. If the G2 proves to be too cumbersome, I might still do it.

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