James's Camera Collection: Canon Elph LT260

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Canon Elph LT260

Camera type: Autofocus non-SLR
Format: APS film
Battery: one CR2
Approx. dates of manufacture: 2000
Approx. street value: $2

The Elph line began as Canon's name for cameras taking APS, which stood for Advanced Photography System, and was the most recent attempt at trying to kill off 35mm.

Elphs were very small and compact, which is probably why Canon used the name for their ultra-compact digital point-n-shoots later on (such as the S100 Digital Elph). In fact, I thought this was an early digital point-n-shoot until I found the film compartment door on the bottom.

I haven't used it. I have no APS film and zero desire to acquire any.

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