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Canon EOS Rebel T2
Camera type: Single Lens Reflex (SLR)
Lens Mount: Canon EF (autofocus)
Aka: EOS Kiss 7 (Asia), EOS 300X (Europe)
Battery: two CR2
Approx. dates of manufacture: 2004
Approx. original price: $300 (with lens)
Approx. street value: Low

On Popular Photography's website review, Herb Keppler wrote:

Maybe this will be Canon's last film Rebel (gasp) and maybe it won't (depending on how film SLR Canons sell), but the T2 is strictly top-of-the-Rebel line, replacing the Rebel T1. The existing K2 and GII Rebels will continue to soldier on.

It was the last of Canon's film SLRs, which is why I bought it. It's an interesting camera in that it shows how far we'd come. It was the lowest of Canon's three tiers, made for casual amateurs who wanted an SLR with interchangable lenses and smart automation, but didn't want to shell out $ for the higher level models (like the Canon Elan 7). But it was a hell of a camera. Top shutter speed is 1/4000th, the motor drive speed is 3 frames-per-second, flash sync is 1/125th. Plus lots of functionality for flash, exposure programs, and so forth.

There is no Rebel T (or T1); the previous model was the Rebel Ti. The Europe and Asian designations make more sense. In Europe, this was the 300 series, so the Rebel 2000 was the EOS 300 in Europe (and the Kiss III in Japan); the Rebel Ti was the 300V in Europe and the Kiss 5 in Japan. This T2 was the 300X in Europe and the Kiss 7 in Japan. So there was a more logical progression. I suppose that only matters to collectors; if you're handling a camera in a store or reading a review in a magazine or a website, the nomenclature doesn't matter much.

One interesting thing I noticed: every Rebel I've seen says it's made in Taiwan. All the other Canon bodies I own say they're made in Japan, including my 40D, which is four years younger than this Rebel T2. Take from that what you will.

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