James's Camera Collection: Canon EOS Rebel 2000

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Canon EOS Rebel 2000
Camera type: Single Lens Reflex (SLR)
Lens Mount: Canon EF (autofocus)
Aka: EOS Kiss III (Asia), EOS 300 (Europe)
Battery: two CR2 3volt
Approx. dates of manufacture: 1999 - 2003
Approx. original price: $210
Approx. street value: Low

Another thrift shop find. $10, which is what it's worth. I'm often amazed how thrift shops want gold for things that have the collectability of lead.

In the late 90s and early 2000s, at the end of the film camera era, Canon had three tiers in the US market: the professional/serious tier were numbered (e.g. the EOS-1). The middle tier was the Elan cameras. The "I just want to take good pictures" mass-market tier was this, the Rebel. In Japan it was called the KISS.

The differences in the tiers weren't so much the features, because even this one is loaded; it was the quality of the build. The higher up you went, the more robust certain parts of the camera were. So an EOS-1 was designed for heavy use; this Rebel was meant for light duty.

That said, it's still a very capable camera. It's got shutter-priority, aperture-priority, depth-of-field-weighted, full auto and full manual, plus various other simple pre-programmed modes. It's got the pop-up on-board flash (of dubious value unless you like red-eye) but retains the hot-shoe for a proper flash. It's got 7-point auto-focus aiming points and 35-zone evaluative meter, 1.5 fps frame rate. And it can take an accessory battery pack that runs on AAs instead of those miserable oddball CR2 cells. It's quite a little body.

I haven't tried this one out. The batteries are dead and this is the only camera I've got which takes CR2 batteries (it didn't come with the battery pack). It would cost me as much or more to buy a pair of CR2s than I paid for the body, and I hate the idea of buying a pair just to fire this up. So I'll likely never know.

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