James's Camera Collection: Canon EOS IX

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Canon EOS IX

Camera type: Autofocus SLR
Battery: two CR123As
Approx. dates of manufacture: 1996
Approx. original price: unknown
Approx. street value: very low

Is the IX literally the letters I and X, or is it supposed to be the Roman numeral 9? Who knows? Canon made three versions of this camera: the IX, the IX E, and the IX Lite (known as the EOS IX 7 in Europe and the EOS IX 50 in Japan). The Canon Camera Museum calls it an IX 240. Canon marketing strikes again.

This is an EOS camera, which means it uses Canon's autofocusing system, including all the EF lenses that fit the full-frame 35mm cameras, and it has a hot-shoe so it can run the Canon EX-series flashes. But it takes Advanced Photo System (APS) format film.

As I mentioned above, there are three versions of this thing. Mine is the base version, sold in the USA. The Japanese market got eye-focus-control (like my A2E and Elan 2E cameras). Good specs: 1/4000th top shutter speed and 1/200 x-sync for the flash.

A couple years later they released a lower end version of this camera, called the IX Lite in the USA. Top shutter speed is a stop slower at 1/2000th, flash sync lowered to 1/125th.

If I were a real collector, I'd want the silver-clad EF lens that came with this camera and matches the body; but frankly I'm not very enthusiastic about hunting one down.

I haven't used it. I have no APS film and no desire to acquire any.

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