James's Camera Collection: Canon EOS 620

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Canon EOS 620 camera
Camera type: Single Lens Reflex (SLR)
Lens Mount: EF (autofocus)
Film type: 35mm
Approx. dates of manufacture: 1987-1989
Battery: one 6V 2CR5 lithium
Approx. street value: $25

I overpaid a little bit for this, but it came with a lens, a flash, and most importantly, a Canon EOS bag that I didn't have before. I don't go nuts buying Canon-branded stuff, but if I can get it at a reasonable price or combined with a camera I don't already have, that makes it more attractive all the way around.

This is the big brother to my EOS 650. They came out more-or-less together but the 650 seems to be considered the first of the EOS line. Regardless, Canon liked to introduce new cameras in pairs; usually a big, splashy model and then a cut down, lower-priced version. Examples include the FT and TL, the AE-1 and AT-1, and the T70 and T50.

The EOS 620 and 650 are largely the same camera except for a few key specifications:

Program Shift function
Depth of Field AE
Auto Exposure Bracketing
Multiple Exposures
Top Shutter speed
Top X-sync
Standard accessory grip
LCD illumination

The big one is the flash sync speed on the 620. This is the only film EOS camera to have that high a flash sync other than the professional EOS 1 models. Even the updated EOS 630 dropped back to 1/125th.

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