James's Camera Collection: Argus 3D

Argus 3D USA 35mm cameras 35mm cameras
Argus 3D camera
Format: Full-frame 35mm
Approx. dates of manufacture: 1998
Approx. original price: $76.95
Approx. street value: very low

I know very little about this other than that it's a "modern" Argus, meaning that it was a recent company that purchased the Argus name, and isn't directly tied to the makers of the old C3 and other cameras bearing the original Argus moniker.

It appears that new Argus purchased the Loreo Mark 1 3d Stereo camera and rebranded it with their own name. After Argus dropped it (or went out business again, I'm not sure which), the camera was superseded by the Loreo Mark II.

It was a good idea that came along too late. Instead of having dual lenses and shutters, it simply has dual sets of mirrors to provide two half-frame images that are placed side-by-side on a single, standard 35mm frame. Thus you can take your film to any lab and get it printed (full-frame) on a standard print. You can then view it in their viewer, which is similar to the old Holmes stereo viewer. It worked relatively well. I have the viewer and a few photos.

It came too late because digital was rapidly taking over, and 3D, no matter how well it's done, is a niche.

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