James's Camera Collection: Adox Sport

Adox Sport West Germany Folding cameras
Adox Sport folding camera
Film type: Roll film size 120 (2 ¼ x 3 ¼ inches)
Approx. dates of manufacture: 1950
Approx. street value: low

I know almost nothing about Adox, other than it was a German company which produced a few cameras, including this folder; to my eye it looks like a copy of an Agfa Billy. They also made a few other folders which also look like Agfa copies, but I'm not expert enough to know. From what little I can glean on the internet, Adox made cameras between the wars, went bankrupt and ended up as part of Wirgin.

This is a Sport: its name is embossed (but nearly invisible) in the leatherette covering. It's a simple folding camera that takes 120 film. This one was a gift from my maternal grandfather, who acquired it while he was stationed in Germany after World War II.

What I always thought was neat about the camera was the little sticker on the inside of the back: a small plug for Adox film.

Schone Bilder mit Adox Film

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