Graflex Century 35 ad

My father's camera from when I was growing up; the serious camera in the house (as opposed to my collection of Brownie box cameras). It's the one in the middle of the page, the Century 35 with the f3.5 lens. Small, dense as lead, had a tiny little viewfinder / rangefinder thatI always struggled with. It used Series V filters which were impossible to find in the pre-eBay 70s. Took great pictures, though. My dad ran a gazillion rolls of film through it and never once had it in the shop.

These were the last of the mainstream era for Graflex. These Japanese made Kowas (Graflex imported them under its own name) couldn't compete. Graflex fell back on their commercial press cameras; introduced the Super Speed Graphic, failed, and disappeared by the end of the 60s. A sad end to a very storied company.