This interests me on several different levels. First is that I like stereo photography and findings ads for it is tough, since the era was relatively short (mid-50s). Second is I've got that TDC Stereo Vivid Projector, an even rarer advertisement.

Most of all, though—you rarely see celebrity endorsements for camera equipment even though a number of celebrities are serious photographers (Harold Lloyd, Jill St. John, Roddy McDowell and Yul Brynner all come to mind). The rare personal endorsements I've seen are from professional photographers.

This isn't even a personal endorsement! It's just pictures of Sid and Imogene matched up with the product and ad copy. Plus there's cross-promotion — buried in the fine print are plugs for Your Show of Shows (Saturday 9pm Eastern on NBC). Some day I want to go to the Museum of Television History and see if they advertised TDC on the television show, too.

TDC ad with Sid Caesar TDC ad with Sid Caesar