(Right) I think it's cool: I love the octagonal case, the thumbwheel and meter grid; that art deco logo.

You can also tell how old this is by its configuration. Just about every light meter that came after it was vertically oriented, rather than horizontally. But the Weston was meant to be held at eye-level and aimed like a pair of binoculars. The horizontal layout would remain a Weston feature for the next quarter-century.

(Below) The last of the great American Westons. This was the only exposure meter that Weston made that used a CdS photocell (the XM-2 doesn't count); all the other Westons used selenium cells. But technology moved on for better or worse, and they were being squeezed by CdS meters from Germany and Japan. This was Weston's last, best unit—but too little, too late.

Weston Exposure Meter