Ollinger's Guide to Enlargers


I've got advertisements scattered throughout the site, but they're all here (plus more) for your convenience. They're in no particular order—I've grouped them mostly so that they fit well on the page together. You can click on any image to see a larger version of it.

My purpose here isn't to scan everything: Beseler, Omega and Durst, among others were heavy advertisers and there are simply too many. Instead I've tried to gather as many different makes and models as possible, and things that I simply found interesting.

Leitz Focomat V35 1981 Beseler 67CS 1981 Durst 606, 404 and R305 1958
Primos1958 Bee Bee 1935 Omega D3 1958 Vivitar VI and 356 1981 Leitz Valoy II 1958
Magnalux 1958 Foth Derby 1935 Omega C-700 1981 Praxidos 1935
Solar (1949) Vivitar Grabbers 1971 Kodak Flurolite unknown date Federal Storeaway (unknown date)

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