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Wish List

I mentioned in various spots that I had lists of cameras I always wanted. They were always in my head, but I finally thought I'd put them here just for fun. I've left off the pie-in-the-sky stuff, the Deardorffs and Hasselblads and Leicas that I'll never reasonably be able to afford. These are the cameras that I could actually see myself buying in the next decade (at the right price). So here they are, in order as they occur to me:

Canon New F-1

Canon New F1

This was the camera on my radar when I was in college, but could never afford it. By modern standards it's barely more capable than a Brownie box, but still. The base model was the high quality F-1 manual camera. If you added an optional prism it had Aperture Priority automatic. Add the motor drive and it got shutter priority and full-auto. Plus I thought it was just plain beautiful. Still do.

I'm not sure what the current pricing is. Brand new they were around $600 (depending on the configuration. And this doesn't count the end of the run when Canon jacked the price up to $1,500 to kill it in favor of the EOS-1). I'm afraid to look.

Kodak Stereo Brownie

This is one of Kodak's stereo cameras from the Holmes era, the classic stereo-viewer and cards. Even though it's a Brownie, Kodak's low end, it's hideously expensive today (over $200) and hard to find. I doubt I'd ever use it, but damn, it's cute.

Kodak Stereo Brownie
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