Braun Super Paxette West Germany Owner's Manual 35mm cameras Retrography
Braun Super Paxette
Camera type: Rangefinder
Approx. dates of manufacture: 1953-1954
Approx. street value: $10

Picked up for $5 from a yard sale. Everything I know about it comes from websites called CameraMentor and Retrography.

This is a Super Paxette; the Super means that it has a coupled-rangefinder. Simple Paxettes did not. I also have the type with the interchangable lens; some were fixed. According to the website, there are a number of different makes of lenses for this camera; mine's a 45mm Steinheil Cassaret f/2.8, which I believe is a good lens. I haven't tried it out though.

The lens is very close to the 39mm Leica mount, but not quite. Of course. But it is compatible with my DeJur D-3. Go figure.

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