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I have a fair number of books on photography that I've accumulated over the years, so I thought I'd share my opinion of some of the ones I found most interesting and useful. These are mostly books off of my own bookshelf—some technical, some portfolio, most are old and long out of print, a few are new. Most of these are titles that I picked up at used bookstores, and they are often titles I still see fairly often at bookstores and libraries. I try to include obscure books only when I think that they're particularly interesting.

They are presented alphabetically by author, then sub-sorted by whatever means I deemed best for that group. I have purposely omitted details about publishers, ISBNs and what have you, because these details change often with little effect on the book. For instance, my copies of Ansel Adams's The Camera and The Print were published by The New York Graphic Society (a Little, Brown company), but my copy of The Negative is by Little, Brown itself. My editions have gray dust-covers but the current editions have different colors on the cover; I do not believe there's a dime's worth of difference beyond that. The Internet has made it very easy to look up books by author and title, so I do not feel obligated to provide full bibliographic notation.


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©opyright by James Ollinger All rights reserved.