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Volume 22, #7: May 11, 1984

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Retiring faculity will be missed for their service at Savanna

Charles Koskela, et al. By Brian Geisel

This coming June there will be some very special people to Savanna who will be leaving to pursue other goals or just plain get some rest and relaxation. Many students will be saddened by the reitrement of these faculty members, and will always remember these unforgettable peo-pie.

Leaving us this year are Chuck Bodine,. Mrs. Virginia Davis, Mrs. Pat Dutch, Bob Linn, Charley Koskela, Dorothy Leahy, Sam McNally, Don Nielsen, Howard Richey, and Ruth Thornton.

A few of these teachers were asked about a most memorable moment, and also, they were asked to leave a little message to the students.

First, Mr. Nielsen, assistant principal, plans to do some hunting and fishing during his retirement and get some hard earned relaxation. Mr. Nielsen has put many years in the AUHSD teaching at numerous junior highs and a couple of high schools. He has been at Savanna for five years and he says that those years have been really enjoyable. His most memorable moment during his five years as being assigned to Savanna because he wanted to be a part of this school. As a message to the students Mr. Nielsen commented, "Of all the schools in the AUHSD, Savanna is the best!"

Mr. Linn coached water polo and girls swimming and has also taught government at Savanna since it opened in 1960, and has taught in the district for 27 years. Mr. Linn plans to play golf and participate in tournament bridge. Also he would like to still coach at Savanna. Mr. Linn's most memorable moment was when his girls won the Freeway League championship in 1980 in one of the most dramatic seasons ever for a Savanna team.

Mrs. Dutch, a combination Spanish and English teacher, has also been at Savanna since its opening. She was also the head of the now defunct Spanish Club; Mrs. Dutch plans to enter the construction field for a change of occupation.

A very interesting memorable moment for Mrs. Dutch was meeting her husband at Savanna the first year it opened. Also, one bit of info, her husband was the originator of the school newpaper, The Dispatch.

Well, wherever they go and whatever they do, the retiring faculty will always remember their days at Savanna, and the students will always remember these special people too. Thanks for your participation in making Savanna what it is today, we'll miss you all.

Stars Shine in '84 Rebel Show

By Kirk Cruz

Last Friday's Rebel '84 "A Night With the Stars" was one of the best school talent shows around. With the exception of an attempted space shot with a shoe or a wrong turn during a cheer, both nights went smoothly.

The show opened with the Jazz Bands rendition of "Spain." The drill team then started their string of six acts, acts with "One," a song from "A Chorus Line." Hope Lyon showed a lot of energy with her exciting dance to the song "Flashdance" -What a Feeling." Swing Choir was charming as they lip-synced their way through "That Song is Driving Me Crazy" and "Ragg Mopp." The performance of "Man Hunt" by varsity Song & Cheer was "graced" with a cameo appearance by Matt Grennie. Todd Dixons' "Everything to Me" was well performed as was his group appearance in Trial Run's

"Lonely One." Colorguards act of "We Are," was a flawless and exciting routine. For a change of pace, Richard TerBush performed an original and very good classical guitar piece called "Serenity." To wind up the first act, Flying Colours performed "Tournament of Roses" and "Decades."

The second act was highlighted by acts like Christy Collado singing "Flashdance - What A Feeling," a team of unicyclists, and Susan Kim doing a piano solo of Impromptus. Student Council did a comical "little people" lip-sync of Billy Idol's "White Wedding."

The finale, Drill team's "Battle Hymn" routine, finished off the show. The finale was highlighted by the announcements of ASB officers and the Drill Team leaders for the 84-85 school year. Altogether, it is safe to say that the show was a complete success.

Students challenged by car rally

Julie HuntSeveral weeks ago Savanna students took part in the second car rally of the year. This one was sponsored by the Varsity Club and contained all the usual crazy clues and unusual feats as the other rally did.

Varsity Club president Ruben Gomez plotted the course along with vice-president Chris Makimoto. Gomez then made up all the clues, and drove the course to get an exact time and odometer reading. He also made up bonus questions which consisted of inquiries such as: What is the hame of the second church you passed? and What is the telephone number for Shakey's delivery service?

Not only did participants have to answer such questions, but they also were required to find clue sheets hidden in parks or do something extremely embarrassing in public. Ralph's supermarket in Fullerton Hills was the site of checkpoint #3 where drivers and navigators were required to walk into the market and sing the alma-mater as loudly as possible to various grocery items.

Lamppost Pizza was the site of the end point where the officials tallied up all the odometer readings and traveling times. One half mile was subracted for every correct bonus question. Also, any car that arrived before the alloted time period was penalized three miles for every minute it was early.

Jennifer Yocky and her team of Nancy Atkins and Sam Zeller took first place, winning twenty-five dollars. Second prize, prom tickets, went to Aylejie Ram and her gang. Don Bakke and his crew took the third place prize.

With all the excitement of trying to find unknown streets, running through parks looking for clue sheets, and singing the alma-mater to the groceries, students found that a.n evenine spent on a car rally can He full of fun and surprises.

Students commended for perfect attendance

By Brian Geisel

Unfortunately, in the last issue there was not enough space on the front page to list all the students who had achieved perfect attendance throughout the first semester. We apologize for this mishap and now will print the rest of the names that were omitted. The students who had perfect attendance were: Phuong Chau, Thanh Chau, Trinh Chau, Sam Lung Cho, Mei Ling Chong, Kelley Coffin, Kimberley Coffin, Denise Crawford, Gary Crawford, Richard Crispino, Kathy Crockett, Melissa Crockwell, Katrina Crosby, Robert Crosby, Kim Yen Dam, Cheryl Davidson,

Janet Davidson, Scott Davis, Calvin Dawes, Mark Deboe, Robin DeYoung, Ryan DeYoung, Rodney DeYoung, Linda Dodge, Richard Dohn, Andera Domen, Venetta Dorlis, Diana Draghinas, Parker Dressier, Beth Ann Dumas, Charlie Dunham, Ron Durham, Starla Durham, Jeff Eastbourn, Gabe Estrella, Shawn Faulkner, John Ferguson, John Ferrante, Fernando Fegueroa, Kari Fortner, Teri Four-nier, Donna Frane, Daniel Garde, Rosalie Garde, Scott McKelvey, Hector 'Medina, Julie Midboe, Ernest Miranda, Tammie Mitchell, 0. Tino Mitri, Melissa Mog, Rhonda Moore, Dolores Morales, Delilah Moreno, David Mull, Rob Mullen, Sung Mun, Chong Na, Hans Nagami, Jose Naverette, Eric Nelson, Hoang Nguyen, Hong Nguyen, Huy Nguyen, Vananh Nguyen, Tom Osendorf, Jin-Yop Pak, Mary Park, Glenn Parker, Elmer Pascua, Sejal Patel, Swti Patel, Natica Patton, Danny Petras, Joe Phillips, Robert Piontkowski, Tim Pittman, angela Ployer, Stuart Pompel, Laura Ragos, Howard Rail, rnady Ratzlaff, Robert Redwine, Rhonda Richards, Jill Roberts, Leticia Robledo, Ruben Robledo, Christie Rocheleau, Laura Rodrigues, Cami Rose, Doug Rothwell, Sholeh Salamipour, Wayne Sameshima, Anabel Sanchez, Krystal Schaaf, Debbie Schmidt, Sharon Schneider.

Sam Zeller is chosen for Boys' State Program

Sam ZellerCongratulations to Sam Zeller who has been selected to represent all the Anaheim High School students as a delegate to BOY'S STATE in Sacremento.

Sam will be going to Sacremento on June 16 for one week. He will be working with top state government officials to learn about how government and politics function in our state. After arrival in Sacremento, Sam will be selected to serve in a specific government position.

Sam is the first Savanna student to win this very prestigious position.

BOY'S STATE, which is sponsored by the American Legion and is in its 47th year, is the highest academic/leadership honor that a junior boy can attain.

Sam is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Zeller. He lives in Anaheim and has two older brothers, one of which was chosen to attend BOY'S STATE when he was a junior at Servite High School in 1967.

We extend our best wishes to Sam for achieving this great honor.

Shawn TomasonShawn Thomason wins Hugh O'Brian Award

The Hugh O'Brian Youth Foundation Award for the 1983-84 school year has been awarded to Shawn Thomason of Buena Park. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Randall Thomason.

Shawn attended the three day leadership seminar for sophomore students from April sixth to the eighth at the Queen Mary in Long Beach. At the seminar, well-known Hollywood actors spoke to the students from all areas of California about topics which were directed towards increasing the leadership abilities for the future of these students.

Congratulations to Shawn for being selected for this outstanding award.


Ronald ReaganRebels choose Reagan

Recently the Savanna Dispatch conducted a survey asking the familiar question, "If given the chance to vote in the Presidential election of 1984, which candidate would you choose?"

The winner of the poll was Ronald Reagan by a wide margin. Reagan in the eyes of most Savanna students proved to have done the job right as President of the United States. The conservatism among the students placed the total votes for Reagan above those for all other candidates combined.

Of the candidates running for office, Jesse Jackson showed a strong following for someone who is relatively new to politics. He instills honesty in his public, and manages to get the needed issues to the surface Walter Mondalethoughout the primaries. Jackson easily won the primary in the District of Columbia last week. Jackson filled the number four posi tion in the Savanna poll.

The students who chose the category marked "I would not vote," did so primarily because they lacked the political knowledge necessary to base an opinion of a candidate. A choice was open for any other candidate, but no students opted for this choice.

Results of the Presidential Survey
RONALD REAGAN...........57%
GARY HART.................11%
JESSE JACKSON...........10%
I would not vote..........10%

Goodbye seniors Class of 1984

By Chris Makimoto

Four years have past quickly in my existence here at good oi' Savanna. Reflecting back on all my accum-mulated memories from my Freshman year to this big Senior year, tears of joy and laughter fill my head. Scared little Freshman entering into a whole new dimension of school and being the first species in the newly developed four year system to graduate, my peers and I had some rough ground that year. "What are freshman?" came the cry from upper-classmen, yet that soon past as we adjusted into the high school scene.

Being a sports inclined person, I tend to receive much satisfaction from all the accomplishments the class of '84 has brought to Savanna's sports system. I have seen 14 championship banners hanging proudly in the gym which were won from 1980-1983; that's quite an achievement in which the '84 seniors were able to participate. I have been fortunate enough to be a member of three championship teams and play in CIF competition for six seasons. The joys of winning are instilled deep in my memory box, but far better than the wins or losses are those cherished teammates that became a part of me. Each day practicing side by side putting forth individual efforts to accomplish a team win. Many friends were developed over the sports seasons and through the duration of the years, my own teammates have shown me many times over the true Rebel pride instilled in each of us.

I would like to conclude my farewell with a few thank you's and good wishes for making my stay at Savanna cherished. To all my past and present teachers, your guidance and individual help will always be appreciated and remembered. To

Mr. Heymers thank you for always being there for me to run to in the middle of practice to help me with the up-coming tests. To Mr. Hugo and Mr. Eubanks for lightening up my days with laughter and to develop the appreciation for fine literature, thank you very much. To Mrs. Tate, I've been a student in your class for four years, three of them in newspaper; the memories of our triumphs and rejects will stand clear, but far greater will be the joys of having you as a teacher.

What could I say about my coaches, only that you all are really special to me. Mr. Hansen with four years of trying to help me develop a top-spin serve. Mrs. Coon and three years of Softball, we accomplished a great deal, didn't we! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you've done over the years for me.

Coach Pic, you are a real unique person and are able to combine competitiveness with laughter, the successful season we have accomplished was fun and memorable thank you for making my senior year end on a happy note. Finally to all my dear friends who put up with me for four years or longer, I couldn't have made it without you all.

Good Luck to all the class of '84 in the journey that lies ahead of you. To next years' Tennis and Softball teams go get em babes; I wish you all the success that has happened in the past and much more. To Sam Zeller who will be quite busy next year, have a super year and good luck with the newspaper; guide them well and keep the Dispatch standards high. These four years spent at Savanna have given me so much, and when I leave, I will walk away with priceless memories in one pocket and my Rebel pride in the other.

Olympic Committee sets up security

By Shane Painter

The Olympics are closing in and fast. The police and the Olympics Drganization Committee are going x> extreme measures to protect the ithletes and people from terrorists ind snipers.

Police Chief Daryl Gates of the Los Angeles Police Department thought that 1984 Olympics offer an opportunity to start terrorism. So if there are any terrorism incidents at the 1984 Olympic Games, FBI Director William H. Webster said he would call on the Delta "Blue Light" Feam, experts in fighting terrorism.

Agents of the FBI, CIA and National Security Agency, are looking [or Anti-Terrorist Intelligence all Dver the world. When the games start, over 700 FBI Agents will be stationed all over the Los Angeles area.

There is now an estimated 800 athletes, coaches, trainers, and other officials. Federal and local officials said that foreign dignitaries, and Olympic Athletes can still have their own armed security agents in their performance area, but they have to be identified to local police.

An additional 17 million dollars are being held for reserve, and will be spent if any military service was to be called upon because of any major outbreak of violence.

Los Angeles Police Chief Daryl Gates and other law-enforcement officials believe that little crime will be going on in the streets during the Olympics. Law enforcements are also prepared to reduce gang fights.

While most of the security will be placed at the sites of the games, an increase in security for the streets before and during the games will be provided for the tourist.

The law enforcement is concerned about the out-of-town visitors that will be seen as easy targets because many may not know the English language.

Chief Deputy District Attorney Jim Basue said that his office is looking for a plan to videotape testimonies of out-of-town visitors who may be crime victims during the Olympics.

The Olympic Organization Committee is doing the best job they can to secure the athletes. This Olympic Organization is using more security than any other Olympics and will probably be one of the safest Olympics.

Is the U.S. ready for Madam President?

In the year 1920, women in the United States were granted the right to vote. After this long strug-glesome battle, women have begun to hold various political offices. Many women in politics have been heroines and role models for many young girls in the United states and all over the world. Women like Golda Mier, Margaret Thatcher, and Indira Gandhi have had their names placed in the history books as the "world's greatest women." There is, however, a woman that has not been placed among "the greatest." She is Madam President of the United States. In a society largely run by the male gender, it seems almost illogical to have a woman president. Many people would object to having a woman president. Critics have said women are too emotional to hold such a "high risk job." Women have come a long way, baby. Women congresspersons and governors have taken charge and some have spoken in favor of a woman president. Is the White House ready for Madam President?

Leticia Robledo - Senior: I don't feel that the White House is ready for a woman president, nor do I feel that there are any women in our day and age capable of taking on the challenge - perhaps in another place and time, but for now, things will remain the same.

Richard Dohn - Junior: I feel that the sex of a person should never be used as a criteria to judge who is most capable to run our country. On such an important issue, emotional stability and past experiences should be considered. In my opinion, the appointing of Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, and the presence of female House Representatives prove that the American society is progressing toward a more liberal future in politics.

Katia Tabhakh - Sophomore: Yes, because there is really no difference between a woman president and a male president. I also think that a female would take serious matters into more consideration than a male would.

Brian Perreault - Freshman: In my opinion, yes. If a woman is qualified and she is running, then she should be, but I don't think many other people are ready for it because since there has only been men presidents, it's like a tradition and it wouldn't be right to have a woman president. So even if she was qualified, she probably wouldn't win the election.

Leticia Robledo, Richard Dohn, Katia Tabhakh, Brian PerreaultSavanna students choked by cigarette smoke

There has been a serious problem on Savanna's campus for many years and something needs to be done about it. The problem is smoking. Students smoking on campus seems to be aggravating many non-smokers. Almost everyday, one can walk into a bathroom and start to choke on a cloud of smoke and even if no one smokes and enters the bathroom, that person comes out smelling of cigarette smoke and usually, he is branded as a smoker. This occurance bothers this reporter, but not as much as many other people are bothered by it. There are many things that can be done about it. but who is coin? to be the first one to volunteer to help? Many suggestions are needed to be considered before a final decision can be made on the smoking problem.

One good suggestion that has been given to handle the secrecy of the smoking problem is a designated smoking area. Smoking is, of course, against school policy, but wouldn't getting the smokers out in the open be better than having them all spread out all over campus or having them sneak cigarettes into the bathroom everyday and bother all the non-smokers? Another good suggestion would be to have monitors stationed at the bathrooms between and during classes, and at lunch to prevent these people from smoking. We encourage many more suggestions that will help our school with its smoking-on-campus problem.

We, have all heard that the Surgeon General says that "smoking is hazardous to our health," so why do Savanna students smoke if it is hazardous to their health? Not only are they hurting their own health, but they also impair the health of others who have to breathe the sick smelling fumes the smokers create. Smoking on campus should either be allowed or if it is not, the people who do smoke should receive harsh penalties so that the problems can be controlled. If smoking is allowed, the smokers should be more considerate of the non-smokers in the respect that they should control their smoking to the off-campus places, not the bathrooms. The air on campus should be clean during school hours.

A question that might be asked could be, "Why do the students at Savanna smoke on campus anyway?" No one has the exact answer, but one reason why the students may not be afraid to smoke on the campus is that the smoking-on-campus rule is not enforced enough. Many smokers are aware of the rule, but that hasn't stopped them from smoking.

Smoking on campus should either be strictly enforced or a special smoking area should be designated. As long as the smokers do not bother anyone else, let them smoke—after all, it is their lungs.


You never knew about the Class of '84

click for larger imageBy Dennis McKelvey

Currently acting as Savanna's CSF president this individual was a gourmet at age three. His favorite dish was snails fresh from the garden and to finish his good taste, he would take the shells and put them on his fingers. His father found him in the garden once with all ten fingers covered with empty snail shells. Dennis was also good at hiden-seek when he once stayed in a class room closet in fourth grade, four hours straight.

Greg Oymaian
Titled as a typical Rebel jock, this athlete has a few hidden secrets of the past. At age four Greg was an adorable bouncing baby and won a baby contest in 1970. To match his title six years earlier in fifth grade he won a handwriting contest at his school. Now those very same hands keep a bat and glove in it more than a pen.

Leticia Robledo
Leadership qualities are displayed daily by this individual who has earned the title of ASB president. No taking the back seat, she's not one to let people walk all over her. Maybe this quality stems from childhood when her older brother and sister use to get hot wheel cars and use her face as the track for their races. Leticia good for you, fight the system and now you can walk on them.

Keith Watanabe
Athletic ability pours from this individual with all the titles and achievements he has accomplished here at Savanna, but was he always athletic? In fourth grade, he broke his ankle the last day of school in his first attempt at sliding into a base. Keith decided on sticking to academic ideals for a while when he became class president in sixth grade.

Dawn Townley
Most people look at her as a mild mannered and calm person but does her past reveal her true nature? As a child Dawn's favorite way to pass time was to tear out naughty centerfolds and tape them to the front of her tee-shirts. Then she would promptly dance around the house displaying her true colors.

Maya Gonzalez
This student is well iiked by all her peers and is a quite friendly individual. At a very young age she had the knack for making friends quickly. Once she followed a dog for a long distance from home and befriended a police officer. When Maya had to depart from her new found friend, she cried and didn't want to go home.

Rebs have seen exciting year

By Kirk Cruz

click for larger imageAs the school year comes to an end, we can now look back at the many events that made this school year stand out. From the increasing economy to the decreasing unemployment, the 83-84 school year had many major events within it.

At Savanna there were some rather interesting events, such as, of all things, a bomb threat. This years senior class is like no other before it in that it is Savanna's first four year graduating class. As for athletics, Savanna's varsity football team had their best season in years, going all the way to the CIF championship playoffs.

Music had a great comeback during the year. With the help of people like the multi-talented Michael Jackson and supergroups like Duran Duran and Culture Club (The group that brought us an eccentric yet talented Boy George), record sales were at an all time high. Michael Jackson's multi-platinum album "Thriller" was the biggest of the year and the biggest of all time. Touring was also bigger than ever. It was hard to find a group who had an album out but weren't touring.

There was also an abundance of well performed concerts such as the Bowie-Go Go's-Madness triple billing or the ever popular Duran Duran concerts at the Forum.

What stole the year hands down, though, were the music videos. Those four minute "mini-movies" were the most important factor of the successful record industry. To get the best coverage and publicity on MTV, video makers went to extreme lengths to outdo each other as evident in the million dollar "Thriller" video.

With all these great events behind us, we can now look forward to what will hopefully be another great year that holds many exciting surprises.

Students are ready for Summer

By Katrina Green

As summer rapidly approaches, many are preparing for the beginning of a fun-filled season. There are numerous activities already scheduled for this summer. One of the most anticipated is the Summer Olympics.

The Olympics is something that will draw a wide range of attention and tourists from all around the world. With the Olympics being held in California this year, many of the natives will be busy renting out their homes or attending the Olympics themselves. The advertisements for the Olympics surely has paid off and will be one of the main events for the summer.

Loyal surfers will flock to the beaches as always, but the majority of Californians, mainly teenagers will be attending one concert after another. The biggest and most talked about concert this summer will be the Jackson concert. The proposed turn-out is so spectacular, tickets will be sold by mail order only. Other groups that are touring this summer will be the Pretenders, Van Halen, and the ever so popular Boy George and Culture Club. The Thompson Twins will be performing in California along with Thomas Dolby in the early part of May. Those concerts along with many others should keep music lovers satisfied throughout the long summer vacation.

Movie Fanatics will have their share of popular movies that will keep them busy throughout the summer. Among the few will be a sequel to "Conan the Barbarian" called "Conan King of Thieves" starring Grace Jones. Other movies coming this summer will be the sequel to "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and many more movies centered around dancing.

Not everyone will be into the concerts and movies this summer. Many will be quite comfortable on the beaches soaking up the sun or having family picnics. Others will enjoy the solitude that the mountains provide for them.

With all the excitement and interesting activities scheduled for this summer, everyone should have a very full vacation. Summer vacation is something that we all look forward to, and this summer with all the activities scheduled, no one should have any complaints.


Rebs swing into CIF

Jodi Collierby Chris Makimoto

What an impressive year the Rebel Softball team has produced for their school. Currently ranked No. 4 in 3A CIF and also fourth in the Orange County ratings this team is quite remarkable. Made up with the majority fo players of underclassmen starue, the Rebs in the beginning were a little skeptical on their performance this year. They have no worries now on how well their team is doing especially with a present record to date of 15-3-1 overall.

Competition is extremely tough in the Orange League this past season with five out of the six teams boasting with talent. During the first round of league play the Rebs captured a 4V2-O record. All but one of the games were won by only one-two runs. Up against Brea in a home game the Rebs went 15 long scoreless innings with the Wild Cats to disappointedly end up calling the game due to darkness so the score remained at 0-0 and each team received a half win/loss.

Living up to the high standards set before them from the last three years, this years Softball team will in fact be going to CIF once again. Though this year's team is unfamiliar with the whole CIF system their performance throughout the entirety has proven that they have the ability to do very well in CIF. With seven of the nine players in the set infield either a sophomore or freshman these babes have been putting it all together in a combined effort for a winning season. Rebel Softball at its best is being shown this year by a team that not only has talent but a lot of spirit and heart.

Rebs Race to Second Place

Leticia Robledo and Randy DeVargasBy Brian Perrault

Even though this is the first time in three years that Savanna's Run-nin' Rebels haven't come in first place, Savanna High School, as always can be proud of what their track team has accomplished.

They have just finished a hard fought season to come in second place in the Orange League with a 3-2 season record and a well deserved seven victories and two losses overall. The first league track meet that Savanna participated in was against Anaheim High School but the Rebs suffered a disappointing loss which made it a rough way to open the season. The tough Rebel track team then retaliated with a glorious victory over Western High to give them their first win of the season. Savanna won again in their third meet against Magnolia Sentinels. Then in the fourth meet of the season for the Rebs, the track team added on to their winning streak by beating Brea by the largest margin Savanna had won by all season. Disappointedly for the Rebs, they lost in their fifth and final track meet of the season against a tough Valencia Wild Cat team. The Savanna track team will now be entering into the league finals with high expectations for big victories over whomever they must challenge.

Anyone who has watched any of the exciting Savanna Track meets has seen many excellent efforts by Senior Ron Arriaga, Leticia Robledo, Junior Cindi Snow, and outstanding performances by Seniors Randy DeVargas and Dave Lamb, and all the outstanding athletes on the proud Savanna track team.

Golf TeamRebel Golf Team

The young Rebel golf team, participating against such teams as Villa Park, Canyon, Foothill, and Brea, is at a disadvantage by not having as many returning team members. This year's Savanna Golf Team is young and inexperienced with three returning players. The team is composed of juniors Tim Pittman and John Ferguson, sophomore John Reans, and freshmen Jeff Rodriguez, Steve Frias, Mark Richman and Les Buzbee.

The team has participated in 11 matches so far this season, winning 3 and losing 8. Tim Pittman has been the leading performer for the team and along with Jim Reans and Jeff Rodriguez will be attempting to qualify for the CIF individual tournament at Los Serranos Golf Course.

With no seniors on the team, Coach Cross feels that next year should be a good year for the Rebels.

Rebels hope for third place spot

By Shane Painter

Savanna's Boys' Baseball team has lifted their record from a disappointing 2-4 record up to an inspiring 6-5 league record. The hard working Rebel's baseball team has gained ground winning four of five games after losing to Magnolia 1-5.

Their next game, which was against Brea, was our only loss out of the next five games, which then began a tremendous four game streak. The game against Brea was a difficult battle which Savanna ended up losing by one run, 5-6.

Savanna then played against a tough Anaheim High School, but the Rebels were tougher and took the game 12-10 on our own field. Miguel Salas' pitching was outstanding along with a smashing triple by Matt Talyor which he ended up scoring on because of an error at third base. In the Rebs next game they played Western. Savanna took an early lead 2-0 and hung on to win with a score of 2-1. Rob DeYoung pitched a three hitter against a hard hitting Western team. This win for Rob DeYoung brought his record of wins to 8-4. This win also knocked Savanna into a third place position tied with Valencia in the Orange League.

Savanna, being in a third place position, has an assured playoff spot if they can stay in contention with the top two teams. Savanna has seen many outstanding performances by pitcher Rob DeYoung. Behind DeYoung is Miguel Salas, who has also been doing an excellent job for the Rebs this season. If they continue the strong performance and Rebel spirit, they should do well in the CIF playoffs, which would be a perfect ending to an unforgettable season.

Rebs splash through season

By Kirk Cruz

Faced with a major problem of having too few players, Savanna's varsity swim team finished the season with a record not quite up to their expectations. Their final league play record was six wins and five loses. But what the team lacked in number of players, they made up for it with a number of good swimmers such as Steve Barrios, Bobby Casanova, Glen Parker, and Ken Valarde.

In their second to last league meet against Brea with a score of 62-100. In this meet, Glen Parker broke the school record for the 100 breast stroke. In their last meet against Valencia, they were again defeated, this time with a very close score of 79-82. The last few points were lost in the very last relay.

The JV team, also faced with a problem of too few swimmers, finished their season with a record of five wins, six losses, which puts them in a tie for third in league. There were some outstanding swimmers on the team such as Mike Belknap, Gary Crawford, Kevin Jack, and Chad Woodrick.

On the girls team, another team faced with too few swimmers, were a number of good swimmers who helped the team win a majority of their meets. Their final league record was wins, losses.

It is hoped that the teams all do well in the playoffs. With more support and more swimmers, the teams could be very successful in the next swimming season.

Gymnastics displays true dedication

By Chris Makimoto

Exceptions for a very successful '84 Varsity Gymnastic season was shattered early due to the untimely injuries of key members of the team. The thought that generated from the beginning of pre-season was the Rebels would take the league by storm and capture the first place title once again. Six key members were injured and unable to continue to compete.

Shining through with a superior dominance in league was Savanna's own Carrie Bowrne. This excellent gymnist accomplished a great deal in her first year here at Savanna. Competing on the Varsity level as only a freshman Bowrne received the MVP award in the entire Orange League. She also made first team All League and took first pake in all her events not only in league but in AA as well.

Head Coach Mrs. Ring commented that she gives her team much credit for the excellent job they did this past season. They had to work twice as hard to make up for the slack of the injured teammates. Cindy Garrison is the only senior on the squad and performed strongly in her best event the Beam. Gayle Biggs was a returning varsity, and did very well in her event, the Floor. Matilda Lucero, Evelyn Marchese, and Robin Ingerick completed the team and each contributed valuable points in their team meets.

"I enjoy working with girls who are so dedicated and are working hard for their team and school," stated Coach Ring.

Gymnastics takes a lot of hard dedicated work not only at school with the three hour long practices, but also at home and clinics. The Rebels finished up league with a 3-3 record. This is the first time in a very long time that the team will not be able to compete in CIF. Bowrne is going on individually to compete in CIF this Saturday. The strong effort and dedications put forth by the members of the '84 Varsity Gymnastics team is not only appreciated by their coach, but also by the entire school, for that is the true meaning of Reble pride.

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