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Volume 22, #5: March 16, 1984

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Drill Team Makes It to the Olympics

Charles Koskela, et al. By Katrina Green

The XXXII Olympic games will have a special meaning to the people of California as well as to the members of Savanna's Drill Team. The selected individuals from the teamwill perform in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Summer Olympics.

Thirty-six Drill teams were nominated from which outstanding members were chosen to participate in the ceremonies. The teams were selected on the basis of their ex cellent competitive and performance records by an Advisery Committee which included nationally known Drill Team Advisers.

The Olympic Dance Unit will be comprised of approximately 3,000 members of Drill Teams, Gymnastic Clubs, Cheerleading groups and the Jazzercise Program, located in Southern California. The groups will unite together under the direction of a well-known choreographer in several production dance routines during a portion of the Ceremonies.

All of the sports events will be held at twenty-three different venues located throughout the Los Angeles area. The Opening Ceremony will take place on the 28 of August.

Two of Savanna's Drill Team members, Sheila Sherwood and Nancy Garcia, will have to attend rehearsals at the Coliseum to learn routines and practice with the other members from the team.

Another member from the team, Jeri Lee, gave this statement about being in the ceremonies. "I am very pleased to be in the dances. I can't wait for us to get started."

Mrs. Ring is very pleased with the girls and is sure this will be an ex perience they will never forget, along with other things the girls are involved with. She also enjoys working with the girls very much.

Savanna's teachers and students should be pleased at the dedication and the skill the Drill Team has shown this year. The girls have put a lot of time and effort into their routines and all of the time spent was worthwhile. Participating in the Olympics will be something the girls will always remember.

Car Rally Was a Big Success

Car RallyBy Jennifer Yocky

Go Savanna on "sir" plus "foot digits." Unless one had been involved with the car rally a few weeks ago, he would have no idea what this statement meant. However, to 18 participants entered on this three and a half hour event; it made perfect sense; they were to turn right on Cerritos.

For those who had never been on a car rally, it was an experience. Each car was allowed a driver, a navigator, and passengers, the end point and the driver's license were put into a sealed envelope while drivers were instructed to obey every traffic law. If the seal was broken or tampered with, the car was disqualified. Then each navigator was given a clue sheet and a set of bonus questions (which asked such things as: How many fire hydrants are there between checkpoints one and two?) Once the car reached a certain checkpoint, participants were required to do such zany things as sing "Rock-a-Bye-Baby," and state who the president and vice president of the senior class was. For many students this was a difficult task. Senior class president Nancy Atkins commented, "I was surprised that people didn't know who Rueben (Gomez) and I were."

Nancy AtkinsAtkins was the brains behind this crazy evening of fun; she planned the entire course, thought up all the clues and bonus questions. During all this planning, Nancy was caught saying, "I can't wait to see everybody get lost." Many people did get lost on this 54 mile course, but most made it to the end point (Boisserainc Park) to find out who the winners were. Taking first place was Melissa Mog and her crew of Dana Palmer and Leticia Robledo. Second place went to David Lamb and his crew, while third place went to Julie Hunt and her gang.

Overall, the evening was a great success. All participants had a good time trying to decipher the clues and avoid getting lost. Atkins was very pleased that everyone enjoyed himself and wanted to thank everyone who helped her to make it a success.

PTA does a great service for Savanna

Bobbi WolfordBy Sam Zeller

In the year 1897, Alice McLellan Birney and Phoebe Apperson Hearst co-founded the Parent-Teacher-Association (PTA). The PTA is a volunteer program comprised of many ambitious and hardworking adults who try to better the welfare of the children and youth in the home, church, community, and school.

Mrs. Bobbi Wolford, president of Savanna's PTA, is continuing the hard work and dedication the first PTA members did some 20 years ago. As fourth time president, Mrs. Wolford said she got involved in PTA when her children were in grammar school. "I was curious about my children's education, so I got involved with the PTA," commented President Wolford. She has been nominated for president for an amazing fifth time, and, so far, is running unopposed.

One of President Wolford's goals this year is to get Savanna involved in the Reflections Program - a national fine arts organization. Established in 1957, the Reflections Program awards students in the areas of music, art, and literature. Other goals the PTA would like to accomplish is either improving the gym's sound system or obtaining a new Scoreboard.

The PTA sponsored a Student Awards/Night, here at Savanna, on February the 27th, in the auditorium. Thirty-six students were nominated for these "special" awards. "The reason why they are special is that this is not an awards program for honor students. There are many outstanding students on our campus that are not honor students," commented President Wolford. The teachers recommend the students that won the awards.

Along with the student winners, an adult was awarded with an Honorary Service Award. The recipient of this distinguished award was Mr. Don Nielson.

President Wolford had a personal goal for this year. She would like to see more parent involvement in the PTA because she feels the parents lose touch with the school and their children unless they are actively involved. "Parents don't get the full idea of Savanna's campus. With involvement in Savanna's PTA, parents will know what is going on and their time can benefit the education of their children as well as the other students on campus."

Director Stanley Kubrick needs students to act in a film about Vietnam War

Director Stanley Kubrick, whose films include, "2001: A Space Odyssey," "A Clockwork Drange," "Dr. Strangelove" and 'The Shining," is conducting a nationwide talent search for lew faces to play the parts of poung Marines in his new film 'Full Metal Jacket," based on the novel "The Short-Timers" by Gustay Hasford who served as a Marine in Vietnam from 1967 to 1968.

Filming will begin in the Autumn of 1984.

The story follows 18 year-old marine recruit, Private Joker, from his carnage-and-machism initiation rites at the Marine Corp Parris Island training camp, where his drill instructor brags about the marksmanship of ex-marines Lee Harvey Oswald and Charles Whitman, to his climactic involvement in the heavy fighting in Vietnam during the 1968 Tet offensive.

Anyone interested in doing an audition video tape for a part in this film should follow these instructions. Use a l/t inch VHS or Sony BETAMAX home video recorder and camera set-up. If the recorder has two speeds, use the faster of the two. Please wear pants and a t-shirt. Start the video recording with about a three minute acting scene. Do any scene you think is appropriate and feels comfortable. Next, do about a minute or so telling something about yourself and your interests. Then hold up a piece of paper on which you have clearly printed your name, address, phone number, age, and date of birth. While you are doing this, please repeat the information out loud. Last of all, do a close-up and a full length shot of yourself on the video, from a front view to a left and right profile. Stick a label onto the cassette with your name, address, telephone number, and age clearly printed on it.

Unfortunately, the tapes cannot be returned. Air Mail the cassette in a padded box to: Stanley Kubrick, Warner Bros., 135 Wardour Street, London, W1V 4AP, England.


Soap Craze Sweeps the Nation

By Katrina Green

Soap Operas have been women's source of entertainment for over 30 years. They started in radio when a soap company sponsored the program. The words "Soap opera" stuck and now is one of the most popular forms of entertainment. Soap operas are a source of escape for the bored and tired housewives and it gives them something to gossip and talk about with friends and neighbors. It not only appeals to women, but also men as well. Teenage girls have got into the soap opera syndrome also. But are the soap operas a good influence on peo pie? Do the stories express real life situations or the fantasies the viewers can only dream about?

Many tuned into the once very popular "General Hospital" two summers ago when lovebirds Luke and Laura were up against the scheming Cassadine family who wanted to control the world with a weather machine. Does that sort of thing happen in every day life? It's impossible; there is no way the weather can be controlled by a weather machine! The soap, however, was highly rated. Since both characters have been written out, the ratings have dropped tremendously.

The soap operas are now getting more involved with real life situations in which everyday people can relate. Examples of this would be teenagers with drug problems, young adults in early parenthood, parent's influence in their children's lives and infidelities in marriages. These storylines seem to have a good influence on young adults because they can relate tothe characters and learn from their mistakes.

There are however, repercussions to these storylines. Some people like to fantasize and wish, their lives were as interesting as the characters on the soaps. Some probably walk around dissatisfied because their married life isn't as stable as Holly and Robert Scorpio's on "General Hospital" or Jenny and Greg Nelson on "All My Children."

The prime time soap operas are now getting almost as sizzling as the day-time soap operas. The scenes on "Dynasty" and "Knots Landing" are just as comparable as those on the day time soaps. Many women envy and loathe the sultry Erica Kane on "All My Children" as much as they do the devious Alexis Carrington Colby on "Dynasty."

Soaps have been on the air for many years and will continue to be around for years to come, l'roducers and writers of these stories are aware of what the audience wants to see and are happy to oblige them. No matter what the personal preferences of the viewers are. the soaps and their different storylines are here to stay.

USFL vs NFL: Has the war begun?

By Brian Geisel

A different kind of conflict has arisen in the United States and it has nothing to do with politics. What can it be many ask? It's a bidding war between the National Football League (NKLI and the newly ex panded United States Football League (USFIA Many NFL owners are scared a bit now that someone is trying to infringe on their already prosperous operation. Hut. before one jumps to conclusions, one must look at the advantages and disad vantages that lurk in the wings.

First, the positive side for the cities of the new expansion league is that the situation calls for thousands of jobs and this helps cities with high unemployment rates. Also, for the players who never make the roster for any NFL team, there is light at the end of the tunnel. So, as one can tell, there aren't many advantages leaning towards the new kid on the block.

Now. the disadvantages are as follows: Since the caliber of football is much lower than that of the NFL, the USFL will find it hard to en courage an audience to watch its teams play. Chet Simmons. I'resi dent of the USFL. says that it will take lour years before the league to catch on with the fans, but the same thing was said by the commissioner of the old All American Football League (A AFLl and that league end ed up emerging with the NFL and of the chief reasons that the USFL is in a battle with the mother league is that top quality players are being lured away by the expansion league, thus creating an indifference in the fan's attitude towards his home team being that the team had the chance to draft a player already selected.

The attendance per game this year for NFL teams was well over 50,000 per game as opposed to a mere

15,000 per game for the new league. Also a deciding factor that could ultimately wind up being the apparent cause of folding up the new league is the public's love for baseball. Since the league's schedule falls through the spring months, the public is more into the swing of baseball as opposed to a more or less unpopular spring football campaign.

So, Chet Simmons and clan, don't be surprised if this dream that has been created turns into an all-out nightmare. If anything, take heed to what happened to the AAFL.

District proposals are benefiting students

By tbd

Education, today, is a very complicated subject. While we sit in our classes figuring our difficult mathematical problems or writing three page essays in English, there are proposals being written and discussed for the benefit of us students. Currently, there are three proposals on which the Anaheim Union High School District IAUHSDI is working.

We have been acquainted with the "C" average proposal to par ticipate in extra curricular activities. The no "U" in citizenship or effort part of the proposal has recently been removed. The rest, as stated in the last issue of THE DISl'ATCH. still remains the same.

Another proposal that is in the talking stage is for the additional grade points for honor students. It is believed that some students par ticipate in more academically rigorous courses than others. Because of the extra work involved, the weighted grade system may be used. If a student is in an advanced placement class, an honors class, or an additional course class (that is if the University of California requires two years of a foreign language and a student takes a third yearl, that student can receive 5 points for an A on a 1.0 scale: B = 4, C = 3. D = 2, and an F would still be 0 points.

Chris Vopat, Vicki Karlan, Hong NguyenProposal number three is the promotion/retention for grades 7-12. Realizing one's own personal potential in school is very important. This is the intent for the proposal. The procedure is designed to recognize the achievement of basic skills and to allow studnets to move continuously through grades 7-12 with the help and responsibility of the teachers, other administrators, parents, and students.

Of course these proposals go into a much greater depth. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Copies of the drafts can be shown to anyone by any teacher or administrator.

Everyone likes the idea of knowing that something is being done to upgrade the schools' standards and encouraging high academic achievement. These proposals are currently getting much attention, and before they are considered policies, the AUHSD will make sure that they will be beneficial to the education of its students.

Music Videos: Are they good or bad?

By Sam Zeller

In 1982, the record business was experiencing financial difficulties. It seemed that it would never get back on its feet, but in 1983, Michael Jackson's "Thriller" album changed all the downward trends the record industry was facing. Another aspect that livened record buyers has been around since the Beatles, but it grew into cable television and night clubs entertaining all ages with great visual imagery. This is the video concept. Today, we all see music-videos on television shows such as MTV, Goodnight L.A., and Friday Night Videos. The question is this: Are the images we see in the videos (mainly sex and violence) a bad influence? Are they proper for us and a younger audience to watch? The video concept is supposed to entertain its viewers, but does it? Savanna students have the answer!

Chris Vopat - Sophomore: "Music videos vary in all subject matters. There are people dancing and there are people killing in videos. Videos are a form of fantasy: they are strictly for advertising the song. Videos today are more creative they were 20 years ago; they are filled with more adventure and excitement."

Vicki Karlan - Senior: "I don't think that videos make people go out and do something bad or wrong. Most videos aren't entertaining. Sex and violence is added so the people will watch them, but I don't they're entertaining."

Hong Nguyen - Junior: "I think music videos are good and generally, they have a good influence. I don't think sex and violence play that much of a role in videos, but it will always be there. I think videos do both: sell songs and is entertaining. It's up to the public to decide if videos are good or not. To me, it's just another form of entertainment and a way for a band to get exposure."


Why We Honor Saint Patrick

By Kirk Cruz

St. Patrick's Day is one of the more interesting holidays; although it is not publicized quite as much as other holidays such as Valentine's Day or Easter. The origin of this day is often exaggerated.

Patrick was born into a family of Roman citizens who had an estate on the west coast of England. At the age of sixteen he was captured by some Gaels (Irish) who were raiding the coast for slaves. Patrick was taken to Ireland where he was a slave for six years tending sheep. He finally escaped aboard a boat with a cargo of Irish hounds. This boat landed in France and Patrick slowly made it back to his family.

There was something about Ireland that made Patrick decide to study to be a missionary in order to convert the Gaels to Christianity.

He traveled through Italy, Gaul (France), and some islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea, then settled down in France to study for the priesthood under Saint Germanus, the Bishop of Auxerre. Patrick tried once to become a Bishop, but was refused because he had stolen apples from a neighbor's tree when he was a youngster.

In the summer of A.D. 432, after he had become a Bishop, Patrick reached Ireland to begin the work of conversion and Church organization which never ceased during his lifetime. When he died, he was Archbishop and Primate of the Sea of Armagh.

St. Patrick's Day has always had an agricultural significance in Ireland. On this day the stock is driven out into the pastures for the summer, and the farmers also plant their potatoes.

It is said that Saint Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland, and that the sun wouldn't set for twelve days after his death. These myths obviously aren't true, but are told out of love of this Saint.

March 14, which is actually Patrick's death date rather than bir-thdate, has been set aside to honor this Saint who will not be forgotten for the great things he did for the Irish.

Savanna Students Sail Toward a Bright Future

John Crockett and Dennis McKelveyBy Jennifer Yocky

The Annapolis Naval Academy is one of the most prestigious and toughest schools to get accepted. Before now, only two students in Savanna's history have been accepted to this school. In September however, Savanna will be sending two more, Dennis McKelvey and John Crockett.

To become accepted, McKelvey and Crocket had to pass a series of medical and physical examinations and receive an official nomination.

McKelvey carries a 3.67 grade point average and eventually would like to be aboard an Ohio Class Sub. He received his official nomination from Congressman Bill Dannymeyer. Dennis has always been involved in extra curricular activities: he played AYSO soccer for 11 years, is currently president of

CSF, a member of NHS, won the Physic Student of the Year in 1983, and also won the Rensselaer Medal of Honor which is for an outstanding junior inmath and science. McKelvey is very excited to attend the academy and comments, "Everything I get out of it will be well worth what I have to put into it. The growth of my character will be worth my service."

Crockett also has been busy with many extra-curricular activities. He is the ASB treasurer this year, a member of NHS, involved with his church youth group, and works an average of 15 hours a week while maintaining a 3.3 grade point average. He received two nominations, one from Congressman Dannymeyer, and another from Senator Wilson. Eventually, John would like to become a pilot. Crockett is very proud of his accomplishments and states, "The Naval Academy isn't for everybody, but I think it's for me."

Get Dylanized with "Infidels"

By Brian Geisel

The arrival of a new album by Bob Dylan after all these years causes a wide variety fo emotion. There are folk-purists who still have not forgiven Dylan for leaving the acoustic-folk alliance (of which he was the most inventive and famous) and diving into rock. Indeed, Dylan rocks first chameleon, which caused the term "folk-rock" to be invented. He did this with lyrically intense and musically-biting albums such as "Highway 61 Revisited," "Blonde on Blonde," and his first "Folk-rock album" "Bringing it all Back Home."

Though this was totally new-sounding music at the time, Dylan's audience grew to proportions that he never would have reached with folk-rock.

Rock fans would soon get their chance to hate Dylan's need for constant change and re-invention. In the following years, Dylan emerged with a synthesis of the three styles he had created and reached another peak. 1974's "Blood on the Tracks" is regarded by some as the most complex singer/songwriter's album. The lyrics dealt mostly with his personal relationships and his feelings toward critics.

Following a two year hiatus, Dylan has released his finest album since 1974. "Infidels" is an album that finds Dylan in rare form both musically and lyrically. He recorded this album with some first class musicians and this is the reason that he sounds so lively and enthused. The lyrics seem, as with the better Dylan albums, to be a clever summation of his thoughts on his life and career to this point. It also deals with the world situation today. (Neighborhood Bully and Union Sundown); his feelings of his romantic and personal relationships (Don't Fall Apart on Me Tonite and Sweetheart Like You). He even touches on religion with careful reserve and finnese in "I and I" and "Man of Peace." The album's jewel is the elusive and pulsating strains of "Jokerman." This is many songs in one. The opening lines may refer to himself or to somebody else, but the images abound to form a word collage effect that is intriguing. One might have a little trouble dancing to this album, but if one thinks that such artists as Springsteen, Costello, the Clash, or Big Country are interesting songwriters, the line forms on the left — directly behind Dylan.

French Officials Puzzled by George's Feminine Appearance

By Jennifer Yocky & Sam Zeller

Pop star Boy George, lead vocalist of Culture Club, was recently detained in France because of his womanly appearance. It seems that George's passport picture did not correspond with his Japanese geisha outfil that he was wearing with full make-up. The passport described George O'Dowd as definitely male and French authorities were puzzled as they stated, "When someone looks like a woman and presents a man's passport, we have to in vestigate." After several hours, Paris authorities allowed George to continue on his journey to Italy. He and the rest of the Culture Club are currently embarked on a world tour and are scheduled to hit the United States beginning in late Spring and winding down in the late fall.

Valentine's Day was a very special day for lovers around the world, but for Elton John it was even more special. He was married in Sydney, Australia to 30 year old recording engineer Renata Blauel. The couple was married just four days after John's proposal.

Elvis Presley fans have a new item to look forward to. For a mere $2,500 they will be able to purchase a 17-inch tall version of Presley which has a diamond in its belt buckle and a silk scarf made of scraps from his wardrobe. World Doll has manufactured only 750 of these "Hunk of Burning Love" models.

Princess Diana, 22, is expecting a second child in late September. This baby will be third in line to the British throne behind Prince Charles and their first baby, Prince William.

Barbaric rocker Ozzy Osborne, who is known for biting heads off of bats during his concerts, was recently injured in London as he was filming a new music video. A mirror had exploded in Osborne's face and he got a piece of the glass lodged in his throat. He was brought to Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan Beach to be treated.

Duran Duran brought down the Forum

By Mark Williamson

It's Monday night at the Forum. The opening band just cleared the stage but the lobby is still crowded with people buying anything from programs to t-shirts to posters of Duran Duran. With only minutes left before the group hits the stage, people start scrambling to find their seats in the sold-out auditorium.

The lights dim and the crowd gets louder for the second time (the first time was just before the opening act when the crowd expected their "fab five"). Then the curtains, bearing a huge Coca-Cola insignia, part to reveal the semi-cloudy stage with a working video screen directly above. A problem with the video screen was that when a favorite member of the band appeared, the fans showed their excitement by whistling and screaming. This made the music sound muffled.

In January, Duran Duran started the third leg of their world tour in Japan after filming the video for "New Moon on Monday" in France. On this tour, they had two background vocalists, B.J. Nelson, and Charmaine Burch traveling with them. Other added performers include Andy Hamilton playing sax and Raphael DeJesus on percussion.

Simon LeBon makes good use of the wide stage as he reveals his personality and makes the audience feel as if they are a part of the show. The entire band works well together to produce a sound that is unique from any other and if any members were to leave the band, it would be difficult to replace the unity that Duran Duran now possess.

This tour is expected to be one of the top grossing shows this year. Considering all the sold-out auditoriums and the characteristics of the band, it would be no surprise. Duran Duran simply electrifies the audience, and keeps them wanting more even after two encores. Fans were very proud to be able to take part in such an exciting evening.


Rebs produced outstanding season

Keith WatanabeBy Chris Makimoto

Storming through the 2A rankings, the Rebs finally bowed out in the second round of GIF play. A vibrant effort was put forth by the entire team and through all their accomplishments the team won ther espect and admiration by all who matched them in action.

Highlights of the season's close was Keith Watanabe, Dave Lamb, and Tim Pittmen being selected to the Orange League's first teams roster while Trevor Hoffman was crowned with honorable mention. Watanabe went on to receive the MVP, Orange League Player of the year Award also he was selected to the All Orange County team. Through his four years in participating on the Varsity level for Savanna he has achieved the honor of being listed with the GIF records of All-Time high assists.

Against Sonora in the second round of CIF play the Rebs lost a heart breaking game with the score of 39-42. Facing a team with the title of last year's 2A Champs hovering over them the Rebs not only physically, but mentally had to prepare themselves for the showdown. The Raiders starting line consisted of 6-7 Eric Samuelson, 6-6 Kirk Krammer, and 6-4 Mike Samuelson while Rebs front players consisted of 6-1 Pittman, 6-1 Matt Taylor and 5-11 Lamb. Starting center for the Rebs Ed Wilson was unable to play as he was home sick with a cold. His rebounding and height was greatly missed.

Pittmen got into foul trouble early and was in and out of the game during the first half. Height was definitely on the Raiders side leading the rebounds decisively, yet the blazing speed from the Rebs kept the score close throughout the game. The dog tired Rebels lost their stamina at the free throw line during the last crucial seconds of the game. With 11 seconds remaining and the score 38-41, Lamb was fouled; he made the first, but missed the second attempt. Pittmen aggressiveness got the rebound and his fallaway shot played on the rim, but refused to go in the :()8 remain ing. With one more point at the line by Samuelson, the exhaused and disappointed Rebels lost 39 42.

Savanna blitzes Artesia, 68-47 read the headlines in bold print by the Bulletin. The Rebels outscored Artesia 38-20 within the first half of play. In the second half the Rebs poured on the points those that made up for the ones missed against Western to finalize the score 68-47. There were four players for the Rebs which hit double figures, and they were as follows.: Watanabe with 24 pts., Hoffman with 15 pts., Lamb added 14 pts., and Ed Wilson finished up with 11 pts.

Though the season for the Rebs has finally come to an end, the memories that have been gathered throughout the season will always be there for the team to reflect back on. They competed in the second round of CIF and was only a breath away from continuing on to the third round, yet even though the team's glory was cut too short for them; many supportive fans and family were and are proud of the effort and results the entire team put forth.

Rebel Baseball pitches its way into a 2-1 record in pre-season

CartoonBy Chris Makimoto

Baseball season has once again started up for the Rebs and with the optomistic outlook shown thus far in preseason play, the team is anticipating an outstanding season. With nine varsity returners leading the pack, the team has experience backing them up. There record available at this time is two wins and one loss in preseason play.

Traveling to Palos Verdes to play the quarterfinals of a tournament the Rebs came up with a win in extra innings. Greg Oymaian pitched the entirety and chalked up nine strike-outs to his record. The team was behind in the seventh inning 0-1 but Tim Wickel started things off with a walk and advanced to second by a sacrifice from Jim LoManto.

Tony Ibarra pinched run for Wickel and with a wild throw in an attempt to pick him off he scored tieing the game at one all. The next inning bases were loaded and Miguel Salas singled in the winning run for the Rebs. With a final score of 2-1 in favor of the Rebs and the win going to Oymaian.

Facing Torrance in the first round of tournament play the Rebs walked away with an easy victory of 8-1. Rob DeYoung had an excellent pitching day and went the whole game fanning 10 batters. Earlier in the week the team met up with Crestby on their own home territory. Much to their dismay the team could not pul through with a victory losing 1-2. Oymaian pitched most of the game and was relieved by teammate Salas to finish up.

"I think we can become Orange League Champions," commented starter Rob DeYoung when asked about his prediction for his team's up-coming season.

Positions on the Rebel diamond are not quite set yet, but with Oymaian and Rob DeYoung rotating in the pitchers and first base positions, Wickel at second, Ibarra/Trevor Hoffman bucking for shortstop, LoManto at third base, and Ryan DeYoung catching the Rebel infield has strong possibilities. Roaming around in the outfield is Carlos Baca/Robert Brocki/John Scudellari in left. Matt Taylor/Mike Martinez in right, and Miguel Salas holding his ground at center field.

"With the team's attitude, I feel our position is a sure lock in a spot to go to CIF," one team member strongly stated when inquired about league play and the possibilities of making CIF this year.

Acquiring a new coach this year the Rebs have been going through some adjustments. Coach Quigley has previously been thecoach for the various other baseball teams here at Savanna. He generates a lot of team unity and has plans to buy batting dome for the Rebs with the money earned through various fund raisers. The team has many returners to boast with, they are planning on doing very well this up coming season. It has been said the Savanna may perhaps have the strongest pitching staff in the Orange League this year. They are looking forward to league play where their toughest opponent will be Brea Olinda; the Rebs are gearing up to be extremely competitive and successful this season.

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