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Volume 21, #7: April 15, 1983




Student spirit at Savanna has declined over the years


By Brian Geisel

High school days are most remembered for the many fun times one has had. Recently though, the spirit level and fun times at this school are less desirable than they should be. Students these days don't have the get up and go as past graduating classes have had. Because of this, Savanna has a bad reputation built up for incoming students.

Most schools are looked upon by how well they do in athletics as welf as how the team promotes spirit from the student body. Although some of our teams didn't do well, they still need support and encouragement. It's funny though, how people degrade these teams; yet when it comes to joining a team, they find excuses not to join.

Spirit week at Savanna is a bit of an understatement. The only class that has shown any spirit is the senior class. Why is it so hard for students to dress up for one day and get involved? Many students are wondering what ever happened to the battle of the campus clubs? How about the weekly class competitions? These activities seem to have disappeared over the past year. Why, one asks? Probably because of the students' lack of interest.

Pep assemblies are supposedly held to boost the spirit level of the students. For most though, these assemblies are nothing more than an excuse to get out of class. What happened to yelling contests between the different classes? These and many booster-uppers seem to have disappeared into an unknown land.

Savanna will be remembered most for being a fun school if the students would participate in school sponsored activities as well as support athletic teams. Something has to be done to rid Savanna of the stagnant cloud that hovers above. Also, lunch time at this school is very boring. More activities should be introduced to liven this monotonous lunch period.

In conclusion, school spirit should be taken seriously or students won't feel that Savanna was so memorable after they've entered life's jungle.

Will aid to El Salvador result in unwanted war?

By Brian Geisel

In today's times, many Americans are asking themselves "Will there be a World War III, or even another Vietnam?" For this country's sake, there will be neither, unless, this country as a whole, combines to help stop the wide-spread influence of Communism.

President Reagan recently proposed a $110 million request for military aid to El Salvador against leftist guerillas. Mr. Reagan feels that if El Salvador is left without aid, Russia will increase its strategic advantage in the Carribean Sea as well as in Latin America. The President vows that American troops brought into El Salvador will not engage in battle.

This all seems too good to be true if the United States would take over El Salvador and put a halt to Communist expansion. Many Americans feel the U.S. should not give aid to El Salvador because they feel war will result if aid is given. What most Americans don't know is that if El Salvador is left untouched, Russia will have an even better strategic advantage over the U.S. This in turn, will result in war. Constant pressure must be applied to guerillas, leaving them no choice but to negotiate with U.S. officials.

The U.S. government should not turn its back on a golden opportunity to land a strategic position in Latin America. The President has three options: withdraw from El Salvador, promote negotiations between the government and the rebels, or escalate the U.S. involvement - either directly or indirectly -in the war. First, it would be foolish to withdraw pressure on the guerillas in El Salvador. Secondly, promoting negotiations between government and the rebels would help the country unite and defeat the guerillas. Lastly, Mr. Reagan should start to look ahead at what the future holds for El Salvador and directly get involved in the blockade of Soviet impression to the West.

In conclusion, the decision on this whole affair rests in Mr. Reagan's hands. He will have to decide whether he really wants to escalate involvement in El Salvador, either in person or by proxy. This country's collective memory of Vietnam will make his choice all the harder.

Will Bo Gritz gain attention he wants?

If most Americans have been keeping up with the world's affairs, they'd be asking, "Is Bo Gritz for real or a fantasy?" He did a fantastic job helping POW's escape from Laos, but why does he still insist that there are more prisoners in Laos?

Bo should be commended for his bravery, but why does he insist that he deserves more public attention? For example, he claims he has pictures of more POWs in Laos, yet when another rescue party is formed, his proof (undeveloped pictures) is not sufficient enought to start another mission. One is probably asking, "Is this man after a namesake in America's newspapaers, or is he loyal enough to believe?"

Bo Gritz does have his past services as a strong point to his advantage. As an ex-Green Beret, he served proudly for a while. Mr. Gritz is not in any way, shape, or form, off his rocker, but if he's to persuade America that there are POW's in Laos, he better come up with more than adequate evidence. Bo did a great job of sneaking those POW's over the Laosian border to safety, but it comes to one's attention that he may be a glory hog.

In conclusion, Bo Gritz should start his won rescue service for POW's, but he shouldn't try so much for publicity.

Letter to Editor

Dear Editor,

I am writing to you about your previous newspaper, The Dispatch, delivered on March 18, 1983. I was looking forward to a very interesting article on Varsity and Junior Varsity Gymnastics. And much to my dismay, there was no article. The practice season started on March 1, 1983. Their first "practice" meet was on March 1,1983 against Los Alamitos.

I feel that the results of that meet and all the other meets should have been in an article. Also I feel that returning let-termen should have been in the article.

Thank you,
Lisa Doan

Editor's Reply

Dear Lisa,

I am sorry that you were disappointed in the sports page last issue because there was no article on Gymnastics. Let me first of all explain how the stories are selected for each issue. In the spring season there are seven sports that are played here at Savanna. Each sport will receive at least one article in the Dispatch. The articles which appear in each issue are chosen by the editor of that page three -four issues in advance. There are many conflicts to consider such as advertisement, the dates of sports events, and other various problems. Because the articles must be completed one and a half - two weeks before the date appearing on the issue, the date of events must be considered carefully. Nevertheless each sport will receive proper recognition and shall appear in the issues in which they were planned for.

I thank you for voicing your opinion and I hope this will give you a better insight of the way the Dispatch fulfills its obligations.

Chris Makimoto
Sports Editor

Dale and Donna


ESL students share culture

Charles Gonzalez Savivanh Vonglaha

By Jennifer Yocky

Savivanh Vonglaha moved to the United States from Laos three years ago. She likes to play sports and would like to return to her native country. Savivanh Vonglaha commented, "I miss the clothes in my country. They are very beautiful and hard to make."

Charles Gonzalez is from Guatemala. He came to the United States seven months ago to learn the language. Charles enjoys playing soccer and watching other sports. He also says that Savanna is much easier than his school because the professors are harder.

Catia Tabbakh Oscar Medina

Oscar Medina moved to America four years ago for a "change of pace." He says of his native Mexico, "It's a nice place for someone to spend a vacation." He would like to return to Mexico someday to visit but likes living in California. Oscar's hobby is playing basketball.

Catia Tabbakh came to the United States because the rest of her family is here. She would like to return to Armenia just for a visit. Catia misses her friends and teachers in her country. She also says that the Armenian people are very friendly to the tourists.

The Outsiders take inside look at teenager's feelings

C Thomas Howell and Ralph Maccio

By Dawn Townley & Linda Dodge

The Outsiders is a movie based on the popular novel written by Susie Hinton. The story is about a group of unwanted, switchblade-carrying, greased-back, long-haired kids from the wrong side of the tracks; hence... outsiders.

Matt Dillon is the best known star of the film. He plays a sort of tough, big brother type named Dallas. The other two main stars are C. Thomas Howell as Pony Boy and Ralph Macchio as Johnny. Co-starring is Patrick Swayze, Darren Dalton, and Leif Garret. Directing the movie is the famous Francis Ford Coppola.

The film concerns the constant struggle between "Greasers" and "Socs" (Kids from the right side of town). One or the other of the groups is always picking fights. One night, Johnny and Pony Boy are cornered in the park by a few members of the Socs. There is a fight and Johnny ends up stabbing Leif Garret.

Realizing the enormity of what has been done, both boys decide that they must go into hiding. They turn to Dallas who gives them fifty dollars, a loaded gun, and directions to an abandoned church miles from town.

Upon arriving at the church, they cut their hair and bleach Pony Boy's hair blonde. They live the next couple of weeks reading aloud from Gone With the Wind and eating baloney sandwiches.

One morning, Dallas makes a surprise visit. The boys step out for awhile and when they return they find the church in flames. They also discover that some children are trapped inside. Without thinking of the possible consequences, Johnny, Pony Boy and Dallas run in to rescue the children.

As a result of their heroic efforts, Dallas sustains a few cuts and burns while Johnny is in critical condition. Both Pony Boy and Johnny get their picture in the paper and an article written about the rescue ... and the stabbing!

There are a few surprising twists at the end of the movie; twists that really give the film more feeling and depth. The acting is excellently done. The two new-comers, C. Thomas Howell and Ralph Maccio are especially good in their roles.

The Outsiders is an outstanding movie that really portrays the feelings and emotions of teenagers. The characters are all very real and believable. The directing and camera work are obviously well done. In short, this is a movie not to be missed!

JA teach students the business world

Junior Achievement

By Chris Makimoto

The business men and women of tomorrow gain a large head start through a very beneficial program known as Junior Achievement.

Junior Achievement (also known as JA), is an organization which teaches teens just how the real business world operates. This is learned by actually playing the roll of a company with all its board members, stock holders, and other essential people needed. The JA companies are backed by real companies and among these are: Hughes Aircraft, Kellogg, Hunts, Disneyland, and many others. The purpose behind having a sponsor is that each JA company receives guidance from these various companies and also is financially started off with money to purchase the pro-duct in which they are going to sell.

Many members of Savanna are currently involved with the Junior Achievement program. These students meet with their various companies either Tuesday nights or Wednesday nights at Ball Junior High School weekly. Savanna has many active vice-presidents within the JA companies. There are five positions of the board of each company. These are: President, vice-president of Finance, vice-president of Marketing, vice-president of Personnel, and vice-president of Production.

"It's really a lot of fun and I really learned much. You get to meet so many neat people and if our company does well there might even be some money to be made from this super program," commented Sarah Hackson from Garden Grove High.

JA is not only a super learning experience for all those who attend, but also it looks very nice on a college transcript or any type of job application. The purpose behind JA is to enhance those who participate with the knowledge and know-how of the operations of a corporation and to develop the future business men and women of tomorrow.


Boys tennis takes Savanna by storm

By Holly Wendt

Although recent rainstorms have postponed several meets for Savanna's Varsity and Junior Varsity Tennis teams, both teams are well on their way to an excellent season. Savanna Varsity closed the preseason with three wins and two losses to Fullerton and Katella High School. In their first season matches Savanna outscored their opponents by an average of 23 points, for a very promising season score.

"The 1983 Savanna tennis teams are a well rounded and distinguished group with many outstanding players,' said Coach Anderson. "Our team this year contains very involved and active students, they are some of the most intelligent kids at this school. One outstanding player this season is a varsity freshman transfer, John Swaino, ranked second in the nation. Another outstanding player is Paresh Patel, a senior who held the league title in doubles last year."

Savanna High School features several double teams as well as single players. A pleasant surprise on the doubles scene has been this number one doubles team returning lettermen George Kaelin and senior Rob Ackles who have lost only one set in league play; another promising doubles team is Greg Ducolon and Kevin Lee.

"In the singles category are two outstanding players, Jay Schedlowsi and sophomore Sam Zeller," commented Coach Anderson. "They have been doing excellent this year."

Because of the heavy rains, there will be several games played off schedule and Savanna still has many schools to play. Running on schedule was a tennis meet on March fifth. Savanna is anxious to uphold the record they set last year as league champs. Said Coach Anderson, "We hope to better ourselves, we definitely should go to CIF with no problems at all."

Track jumps into league play

By Ellen J. Lipuma

Taking the hard, but cool track season the boys and girls are giving it their best shot.

Striding for their first league meet, the girls lost to the Valencia Tigers with a score of 27-99. The girls who helped score for the Rebels were: Paula Gutterson who took first in the shot put and second in the high jump, Leticia Robledo placed second in the 880 and third in the triple jump, Tina Cruz received two seconds and Christie Callado placed second in the 220 and place third in the 100 yard dash. The boys defeated the Tigers with a score of 79-54. Nick Follmer placed first in four events, the triple jump, high jump, long jump, and high hurdles. He was also named athlete of the meet.

Running against Oceanview, the boys won and the girls lost. The boys defeated Oceanview with a score of 88-48. Pete Poching broke the school record in the discus, Vincent Rivera placed first in the 880 and 220 race, Follmer placed first in the long jump and high hurdles, and Rudy Carmona had a fast time of 40.1 in the low hurdles. The girls lost to a score of 62-74 against Oceanview. Robledo, Cindy Snow, and Kelly Riley helped score for the Rebels.

One of the team members commented on the team and the upcoming season, "We have a huge team and they always try their best. Not one person ever gives up. We will have a good season if every member works hard, and also keeping a good and positive attitude will help."

Their next meet will be April 21st against Western High.

Gymnastics leaps into a promising season

By Brian Geisel

As this year's gymnastics teams perform their routines throughout this '83 season, Mrs. Ring and Rebel gymnasts are looking forward to a league championship as well as a CIF berth. Mrs. Ring says this year's schedule should be fairly easy with the exception of Brea Olinda. Also, she comments that their strong point this year in competition will be their floor exercise.

The Rebel gymnastics team is being prepared for future seasons with many newcomers signing up. Many freshmen have done very well and should insure Savanna of a winning gymnastics team in the future. This year's JV team is off to an impressive start with a record of 1-1. In their first meet against Fullerton the girls performed to par out-scoring their opponents 146.1-54.

However, in their second meet with the tough Wildcats, the Rebs fell short with a hard fought effort by a score of 134-156.6. Top scorers for this JV team are Robin Ingerick, Tina Hooks, and Evelyn Marchise.

This year's CIF bound varsity team was also impressive in their first two competitions boasting an even 1-1 record. Their first competition with Fullerton, showed the girls were in top form. The Rebs took it to the visiting team, 97.6-56.2.

Although, unfortunate against a stubborn Wildcat team, the girls came close in the 133.7-148 defeat. The top three scorers for this talent-laiden team are Ann Dudek, Lyn-nette Salloum, Sanna Nyberg, and Cindy Garrison.

One of the team's members commented on how well the team has performed, "We should go all the way and with the help of all the new incoming freshmen, future seasons seem promising." Ann Dudek commented about this year's opponents, "With the exception of Brea, we will beat everyone in league." Good luck this year girls.

Varsity Golf putts victory win past the Sentinels

By Ellen J. Lipuma

Putting the 1983 Golf season off the Boys' Varsity has a 2-2 record. The team consists of eight members with six competing during a match. (In golf the object is to receive the lowest score to win.) Returning for another season are John Ferguson and Kirk Greenwood. Dave Huff, Scott McKelvey, and Ron Miller are just a few of the new members.

Going against Magnolia on the Dad Miller Golf course, the boys won with a score of 225-232. Ferguson and Miller had the lowest scores of the match. Teeing off against Villa Park at the Green River Country Club the boys lost 430-350. The two team members that helped score for the Rebels were Ferguson and John Reans.

Coach Cross commented on the team and the up-coming season, "The players on the team are inexperienced with the exception of the two returning lettermen. We will be facing teams in the Orange League that have several returning lettermen. The strongest teams in the league will be Foothill, Villa Park, and Canyon. The 'key' to a successful season will be in how much the players improve their overall game to the point that we are competitive with the other teams in the league."

Having a close, but victorious in the Rebels defeated Santa Ana with a score of 464-399. Scoring for Rebels were Ferguson and Reans.

Ferguson commented about the team, "I think the team is showing a great deal of improvement, but we still have a long way to go. There are many underclassmen so in the years to come we will have a better team. We have already won as many matches this year, than we did last year."

The Rebels will compete against six other schools, Canyon and Foothill are two among them.

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