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Volume 21, #3: December 17, 1982


Mighty rebels march on with successful season

The Mighty Marching Rebels

By Dawn Townley & Linda Dodge

Savanna has held a record of excellence in their band, drill-team, and color-guard performances since 1960. Twenty-two years later they are still going strong.

In this competitive season alone, the band has placed a second and third place in field show competitions. They took second at Western High School and third at Westminster.

Savanna acquired a new band director this year, Mr. Tim Bryan. When asked to comment on the 82-83 band, Mr. Bryan replied, "Band has made spectacular progress. I'm looking for a successful conclusion of our competitive season."

Along with band comes Savanna's popular drill-team and color-guards. Drill team, which also competes with band, took fourth place at Western High School, second place at Westminster, and fourth place at Los Altos High School.

An annual event which Savanna always takes part in is The Band and Drill Team Spectacular which was held on October 20th at Anaheim Stadium.

Many schools performed in the big event at Anaheim Stadium. Mrs. Ring, drill team advisor, commented on Savanna's performance, "We did excellent at the Band and Drill Team Spectacular. We were not in competition, but judging by comments from people in attendance, Savanna was definitely one of the best."

Mrs. Ring also wished to make a special comment on Mr. Bryan. "Our new band director is doing an excellent job. I'm really pleased to be working with him."

On Saturday, December 4th, was the Chaffey-Tournament of Champions competition. This is one of Savanna's three major competitions.

Mrs. Ring reported on their performance. "We set a goal at the beginning of the year to reach a score of 90. We were pleased to receive a score of 91 and 91.6."

Rifles performed on Saturday under their new director, Mr. Andy Cross. Since they have been under his supervision, the rifle corps has been improving greatly.

At present, the flags are interviewing for a new director as their past adviser has just recently left.

In summation, the mighty marching Rebels have had a tough but successful season. Savanna hopes they will keep up their good work.

Students give thanks to the PTA

Judy Gunderson

By Julie Serio

Since the opening of Savanna in 1961, the PTA has never been recognized for all it has done to help improve our school. The PTA helps with the needs of the school and with communication between parents, the administration and faculty. Most people think of the PTA as an occasional meeting between parents and teachers, but in reality it is the behind-the-scenes work that makes the PTA important.

Some of the things that the PTA does are: working the concession stands at home football games; providing a luncheon each fall for the faculty and student council; and they organize the baccalaureate tea before graduation. The PTA also gives three large decorated sheet cakes and twenty dozen cookies to the school for Rebel awards night, and they also provide refreshments for events like back-to-school night and open house. When requested, they also provide chaperones for dances. Parents in the PTA help with registration each year. Every department of the school has a student service award which is given by the PTA to an outstanding student in that field each year. All graduating seniors are eligible for the four scholarships that the PTA awards annually.

Judy Gunderson is the PTA president. She has been on the board of eight years and this is her second year as president. Mrs. Gunderson strongly believes that parents should be involved in their children's education as much as possible and she said, "It is very important to get the parents involved." Concerned parents and the PTA were very instrumental in keeping Savanna open in 1979. Mrs. Gunderson stated that the community spirit was very strong and many people pulled together to keep the school from closing. In 1981, the PTA donated the money that was left in the treasurv at the end of the year to help buy a new apple computer. An objective of the PTA this year is to provide a drug and alcohol information program for the community and school. This program ill be a type of hotline to answer the questions of students and parents alike.

Community spirit and getting involved is a large factor in keeping a school running smoothly. Mrs. Gunderson replied, "The community of Savanna has been heavily involved and has a good relationship working with the students. I hope that this continues in the future."

Decathlon team competes

Elizabeth Beech, Stu Nielson, Phil Hill, Kevin Krylo, Ron Miller, Kevin Lee, Lonny Cummings, Ed Fikes, James Ollinger

On a cold November 20, 1982, decathlon team members from Savanna as well as other pulbic and private high schools throughout Orange County converged on Westminster High School for a battle of the intellect. The official name for this event is the Orange County Academic Decathlon.

But a battle it is. Seven students from Savanna: Elizabeth Beech, Lonny Cummings, Ed Fikes, Phil Hill, Kevin Lee, Ron Miller, and James Ollinger, along with team manager Kevin Krylo and advisor Stu Nielson, began preparations to beat the competition in the ten decathlon activities. This is a test in economics, fine arts, grammar and literature, mathematics, science, social studies, a written essay, an interview, two speeches (prepared and impromtu), and a super quiz. For the literature test they had to study Lord of the Flies and Huckleberry Finn.

The test came in rapid succession of each other (except for brief breaks). Each test was an average of 50 questions long followed by the speeches and ultimately, the super quiz. Super quizzing was a five-question test on housing in front of an auditorium of people. Scores were posted behind each quiztaker, so if a team member got a question wrong, everyone knew it.

The finale of the whole ordeal was the awards banquet December 9 at the Mariott. Lonny Cummings took third place in science and was awarded a medalion for the achievement. Savanna as a team didn't rate in the top ten, but looks forward to next year's competition with housing books poised and ready for the kill.

Cindy Hill, Steve Barios, Mike Howard, Mike McNamara, Dennis McKelvey

Student awarded for science skill

Kim JohnsonKim Johnson was named winner of the annual Bausch & Lomb Science Award at Savanna High School. The Science Award—a handsome bronze medal—is presented each year to winners at more than 8,600 participating schools throughout the United States and Canada.

The Bausch & Lomb Science Award is especially significant because it recognizes the senior student at our school who has attained the highest scholastic standing in science subjects.

As winner of the award, Kim Johnson is eligible to compete for one of several four-year Bausch & Lomb Science Scholarships at the University of Rochester, Rochester, N.Y. Scholarship winners are selected on merit, and stipends, based on need, could range up to $6,500 per year. Surveys indicate that the award has encouraged more than 30 percent of the winners to follow scientific careers.


Exploring video games "danger"


By Jennifer Griggs

Warning: the surgeon general has determined that the playing of video games is hazardous to your health. On Tuesday, November ninth the surgeon general of the United Staes, C. Everett Koop said that video games may be hazardous to the health of young people who are becoming addicted to the video machines "body and soul."

Koop, previously a Philadelphia based pediatric surgeon, took over the position of surgeon general in January. Though he makes no mention of players who insert their quarters only moderately, he does say "They're (the kids) body language is tremendous and everything is zap the enemy." He continues, "Everything is eliminate, kill, destroy, let's go get up and do it fast. There is nothing constructive in the games."

It seems that if one derives enjoyment from playing Donkey Kong or if it brightens a youngster's day to play Frogger these games have served a constructive purpose. Saving a damsel in distress hardly comes under the heading of zap, kill, or destroy. Electronics, after all, is a major part of the future.

As for the statement made about the destruction and killing involved, over fifty children were injured trying to imitate Evil Kneivel, obviously an imaginary blast with a fuzzball would not be quite as damaging. Jack Wayman spokesman for the Washington based Elec-tronis Industries Association which represents home video game manufacturers said, "Most of the top selling games are non-violent and involve sports, science fiction or the use of fantasy themes."

When Koop made his opinions know he was acting not as a spokesperson for the surgeon generals office but on his own behalf, a fact not made known until after his views had appeared in print. C. Everett Koop has openly admitted that he has no scientific evidence on the effect of video games on young adults and children to back up his claims of hazardous results. Though the three games he mentioned are for "adults only" use and cannot be bought by minors, he insists on using these as focal points in his argument.

Until some scientific evidence is presented proving the detrimental effects of video games, let those who enjoy a diversion into a fantasy have those moments in peace and not in controversy.



Every year, people are flooded with advertisements that debase the meaning of Christmas. To see how you have been affected by the Christmas ad blitz, simply take the test below, compute your Christmas Commercialization Quotient (CCQ), then read the corresponding evaluation.

1. Finish this quotation, "Chestnuts roasting_____________________"
a. in a microwave oven.
b. on a presto log.
c. over a can of sterno.
d. over an open fire.

2. Santa gets his gifts from . . .
a. Taiwan
b. Robinson's
c. black market
d. elves

3. Which are the actual reindeer's names?
a. Comet, Lux, Ivory
b. Manny, Moe and Jack
c. Larry, Moe and Curley
d. Dasher, Dancer, Prancer

4. Another name for Santa Claus is . . .
a. E.F. Hutton
b. J.C. Penney
c. Ronald Reagan
d. Kris Kringle

5. The best Christmas trees are . . .
a. palms
b. easily assembled
c. newspaper
d. pines and firs

6. Christmas is...................
a. money
b. more money
c. expensive
d. a celehration

7. One of the three wise men's gifts was . . .
a. Dr. Suess' books b. Tinker Toys c. a rattle d. frankincense

8. Christmas trees are............
a. absolutely necessary
b. plastic
c. a fire hazard
d. a tradition

9. A Christmas Carole was written by . . .
a. Hanna/Barbera
b. Random House
c. Mr. Magoo
d. Dickens

10. As a father, the only gift you would accept from your child would be . . .
a. cologne
b. Power tools
c. McDonald's gift certificate
d. the thought

11. Christmas Carols . . .
a. sell records
b. can only be bought by mail order
c. are folk tales
d. are songs

12. An ingredient in egg nog is . . .
a. a liquid chicken
b. Hershey's mix c. wood alcohol d. brandy

13. A star atop a Christmas tree was derived from . . .
a. Southern California Edison
b. General Electric
c. Star Trek
d. star of Bethleham

14. The reindeer with a red nose is . . .
a. a money maker and popular song
b. E.T.
c. W.C. Fields
d. Rudolf

15. Traditional Christmas dinner is . . .
a. Flintstone's chewables
b. Foster Farms' butterballs
c. lobster
d. Turkey

Score 10 points for each a answer, 7 points for each b answer, 5 points for each c answer, and 1 point for each d answer.
100-150 You were an advertising executive in a former life. To you, the two s's in Christmas are dollar signs.
60-99 You are a victim of commercialization. The higher your score, the harder you have been hit. You not only see the ads, but also you remember them.
20-59 You have managed to dodge commercialization. However, you also managed to dodge Christmas as well.
15-19 You are a Christmas traditionalist. You probably spend Christmas eve reading A Christmas Carol.
0 You didn't take the test.

Point of view

S.U.R. where are you?

Dear Editor:

With all the various committees and clubs on campus posing questions and deriving answers, no one to my knowledge seems to be addressing a question in my mind. What ever happened to the Silent Uninterrupted Reading program (S.U.R.) that was in effect here at Savanna about seven or eight years ago? S.U.R. seems to employ a very novel concept and promises to be an interesting diversion from the normal grind of homework, drill, and tests.

In case you don't remember, S.U.R. was simply this: Once a week, everyone on campus from the Principal to the students would stop whatever he might be doing and read. After 20 minutes, life would continue on the previous work resumed. There is no catch, just read whatever you want (anything from Field and Stream to Ulysses), just as long as you read!

And why not? School in particular forces reading of materials. This force has its usefullness in some places, but the will to read is not encouraged, and many may eventually find that reading is not the pleasurable experience that it should be. Maybe this will spark a little interest.


Beverly Ollinger


The true meaning of Christmas is answered

The Savanna Jazz-band

By Brian Geisel

The Christmas season is here, and people are asking that ever-popular question, "What is Christmas?" To some people, it's chestnuts roasting over an open fire, for others it's Pac-Man gobbling the power pill of the hearts of young Americans. But for most, it's the only time in the long year that men, women, and children open their hearts and share happiness and presents. Above all, it's celebrating the birth of Christ.

Christmas is a joyous time whose spirit touches the hearts of all. It is a season of traditions lived throughout the years. Over these many years, the color green is used to express good fortune ahead for the coming year. The season is known for its many decorations, but none is as popular as the Christmas tree. In America, almost every home has a decorated tree of some kind. These decorated trees help to symbolize the everlasting beauty of the Christmas season.

Ever since the angels sang to the wandering shepherds the first Christmas carol of "Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men," Christmas has been celebrated with song and verse. When people think of Christmas they recollect the patient shepherd, woolly sheep, and the starry eve. As they reminisce, they envision the Three Kings riding in from the East in order to find in the shadowy stable the Mother and Child. Each year these thoughts make new songs and deepen our sense of the holy magical season.

The Christmas season comes to us in many ways, but none so popular as the legend of Santa Claus. We think of him as jolly, round fellow bounding down the chimney to fill the stockings that hang over the fireplace, and spreading cheer with his eight tiny reindeer. There is nothing more touching than the sight of a young child sitting on Santas lap and telling him what he wants for Christmas. Santa Claus is the true personification of Christmas that brings happiness to the hearts of millions of children.

We all must keep in mind that Christmas is more than getting presents and singing carols; it's the time to be at peace and celebrate the birth of Christ with friends and family. This season has a certain spirit about it that can't be touched, but felt by all who have been bitten by the Christmas bug. In spite of the fact that there is some selfishness in our act of gift giving, Christ's birthday seems to bring out the better qualities in all of us.

Choirs shine at Holiday In Music

GATE Barbershop Chorus

By Holly Wendt

For fourteen years the Anaheim Union High School District has sponsored a massive concert every Christmas which combines and features the talents of every choir in our eight high schools and junior highs. This year, "Holiday In Music" was presented on Wednesday, December 'eighth at the Anaheim Convention Center.

"Holiday In Music" featured two thousand singers and dancers, including the one thousand voice-choir of the participating schools. The GATE orchestra performed and Santa made an appearance after a comical introduction by the GATE "Goodtime Singers."

Traditionally, every high school was required to present an individual performance as well as participate in the group numbers with the junior highs. This year, however, each high school combined with a junior high. For example.

Savanna performed with Brookhurst, Magnolia performed with Dale, and Loara performed with Ball.

The choral departments began preparing for "Holiday In Music" in early November. In addition to learning their individual numbers, they were required to learn "Fanfare for Christmas" and "Peace, Peace, Peace," the two numbers which opened and closed the concert.

Savanna performed "Jingle Bells Through the Ages," a medley which traced the development of musical styles through several eras including the Roaring Twenties and the Fabulous Fifties. Several dancers for the twenties era, a narrator, and soloists for the forties and fifties era were featured in this number. Savanna's Swing Choir and the Brookhurst choir each performed a part of the medley alone.

The direction of "Holiday In Music was undertaken by Mr. Brian Beavers of Loara High School.

Both group numbers were directed by Mr. Beavers with the help of assistant director Frances Smith of South Junior High. Other high points of the evening included the performance of Hope School and the Loara dancers. This musical extravaganza made for a delightful evening of holiday fun.

Satisfaction Guaranteed..... Motley Crue pumps adrenalin for many

By Jim Hocker, Jr.

True rock-n-roll can be defined as a highly powerful way to get one's adrenalin pumping. If made in the proper way, it gives on the feeling of pure energy to be used in any fashion he desires to choose.

Many of the groups today call themselves "rock-groups," and yet, so few truly are. Of these very few is the group: MOTLEY CRUE.

MOTLEY CRUE is a diverse, incongruous force consisting of: Vince Neil, Mick Mars, Nikki Sixx, and Tommy Lee. This special force has the ability to lift, and energize whether it be the first, second or hundredth time one listens to them.

Though at first glance, they may look highly unpleasing with their strange outfits and their unique hairstyles; one should not be deciev ed into thinking that their music is choppy, with unsteady forms of ugly sounds.

With the harmonizing sounds of Vince Neil the electrifying lead guitar playing of Mick Mars, the pulsating bass by Nikki Sixx, and the explosive beat of percussion by Tommy Lee, all combined simply means satisfaction to the highest degree for the true rock-n-roll fan.

The song "Live Wire" is an ex cellent example of this satisfaction. Of of the album Too Fast For Love, "Live Wire" mixes all of the special talents of each member to the point of perfection creating the hypnotizing effects that the real rock song is made of.

And for those who might not want to release all of their hyperactivity at once, there is the song "Merry-Go-Round" which gives one the feeling of stored energy under pressure.

But, no matter what the mood, if you are one of those who likes to sit around a 90 watt stereo and blow your mind inside out with some lethally potent music, or if you are one of those who likes to release devastating power to some h'ighly volatile sounds then the chances are that you are going to like MOTLEY CRUE, a true rock-n-roll group putting out the truest form of rock-n-roll available, satisfaction guaranteed...

Dale and Donna


Grapplers pin pre-season

Van Champion

By Ellen Jeana Lipuma

Starting the preseason with a 1-1 record, the Boys Varsity Wrestling team are excited about the season.

Wrestling against Cypress at Savanna they had a victory in with a score of 41-26. The wrestlers who scored for the Rebels were: Robert Arriaga in the 98 pound division; Van Champion in the 119 pound division; Steve Mendoza in the 138 pound division; Joey Gillis in the 145 pound division; Joel Jacoby in the 155 pound division; Jimmy Yogi in the 167 pound division; David Robidoux in the 185 pound division; and Pete Poching in the heavyweight division.

Returning letterman, Billy Ar-rendell is back for his third outstanding season. Last year he had a season record of 11-2. With the quickest pin of 16 seconds. Also Ar-rendell placed first in the Valencia and the Corona Del Mar tournament in his 98 pound division, and place second in the Orange Glen competition.

In the first pre-season meet the boys lost to Rancho Alamitos on Savanna territory. It was a very close score of 35-36. The wrestlers that scored for Savanna were: Champion in the 119 pound division; Scott Schade in the 126 pound division; Ernie Burger in the 132 pound division; Gillis in the 145 pound divi sion; Steve Wilkerson in the 200 pound division; and Poching in the heavyweight division.

Coach Dennis Joslyn commented on how well the boys are doing so far, "Overall the team is improved from last year's squad. Most of the team worked very hard in the off season and were better prepared for the wrestling season. A much bigger squad this year is going to add depth and more competition at certain weights. Right now we've got many inexperienced wrestlers on the team, but as the season progresses we should become more competitive."

Coming back for another exciting season are: Champion, Arrendell, Burger, Poching, Jacoby, Yogi, and Schade. This season they will try and meet or beat last year's season record of 3-9.

Their next meet will be held on Thursday, January sixth at 5:30 p.m.

Rebels fastbreak on pre-season

John Vanderstaay and John Landon

By Jennifer Griggs

When the last twenty seconds ticked off the clock the noise level of the crowd rose tremendously as the Savanna Boys Varsity Basketball team won the first game of the preseason. The season opener for Savanna was played against Buena Park High School at Buena Park's home court, on December "1st. The Rebels were victorious by a score of 70 to 48.

Savanna charged to an early 21 to 10 lead in the first period. The Rebels outscored the Coyotes 18 to 12 in the second period, and ended the half leading by a score of 39 to 22. When returning from the halftime Savanna maintained their lead by outscoring Buena Park and leaving the third period with a commanding score of 55 to 30. In the final period, Savanna made many substitutions that included taking out all the starting five players. They held on to their early lead and coasted to a final score of 70 to 48. The starting five players for the Rebels were: Phil Hill, guard; Keith Watanabe, guard; David Lamb, forward; Tim Pittman, forward-center; and John Vanderstay, forward-center. Hill was the leading scorer for Savanna as he madejl2 out of 19 shot attempts for a total of 25 points. Watanabe shot 7 out of 12 attempts for 15 points, and was the leading rebounder with 13. Lamb shot 5 out of 7 for 10 points.

Coach Tom Gregory has coached basketball at Savanna for four years and taught at Buena Park the five years previous to that. "The league is very balanced but I think we have a chance of taking first. Of course Brea is very tough and some other teams are looking good, but I'think, we have a good chance."

When asked about the key to Savanna's game and what needs improvement Gregory said, "We need to work on the defensive press and we need to keep our game at a fast tempo."

Savanna's varsity basketball teams remaining schedule includes games at Fullerton, Jan. 4 and at Rancho Alamitos on Jan. 5.

Girls basketball fouled with injuries


By Chris Makimoto

Dribbling onto the courts with new uniforms, sweats, jackets, anc even bags the Girls Varsity Basket ball team not only looks stylish but also play sharp as well.

Back with four returning let termen and strong JV recruits the team has very strong chances for taking first place in league. Coach Brad Pickler stress quickness, and with returners Cheryl Cristofaro and Darlene Trenary the court will burn rubber soles with their speed. Also Becky Rediess and Nancy Williams are the returning height. Rediess, Trenary, and Cristofaro were members of last years All Orange League team.

Entering in the Irvine tournament the Rebels found themselves out in the first two games. Unfortunately the Rebels first game was up against Ville Park which boasted with a giant player measuring at 6'9-½". The game was intense all the way to the final seconds. Coming out sluggish in the first half the Rebels found themselves losing at the half. Switching over to a man to man defense the Rebels had a tremendous fourth quarter out scoring their opponents 21-4. With eight seconds left to play, point guard Cristofaro was fouled and sent in one of two buckets at the free-throw line to put the team into over-time. To their dismay the teams' efforts ended in a close loss of 40-43 in favor of Ville Park. They went on to take the championship in the tournament and their toughest encounter was up against the Rebels in the first game.

Another close loss of 44-48 was against Marina with the Rebels hindered by injuries throughout the course of the game. Cristofaro injured her shoulder in the third quarter and was taken out of the game. Though the game was closely played the slight advantage for Marina resulted in another disappointing loss. Marina went on to take the constalation bracket of the tournament.

Looking forward to an exciting and winning season the Rebels are preparing for their tough encounters with Brea, Magnolia, and Anaheim. The only flaw the Rebels have are team injuries, Rediess, Bakos, and Cristofaro are all playing injured in the preseason.

Boasting with a strong statement coach Pickler says, "We're 20 points better than any other team in our league!"

Juniors tackled in powder puff game

Darlene Trenary

By Chris Makimoto

Playing a rough and hard nose game like football is not only for the guys anymore. Every year the traditional Powder Puff football game is played, consisting of a senior team and a junior team with only one main rule, "girls only." The game is played very much like football but instead of tackle it is replaced with Elags. Both teams play for keeps, the seniors with their reputations on the line while the juniors aim to prove just where they stand.

Spirit is a very important factor for the girls so naturally a cheerleading squad is needed. Senior and junior boys alike practice their cheers, splits, and jumps in preparation for the big game. Even a pep rally is assembled with a show from the boys' drill team to start the fire roaring for the lunch time football game.

Coming out for the occasion many talented sports players show their abilities throughout the game. The seniors boasted with Darlene Trenary as quarter-back, Cheryl Cristofaro as running back, Colleen Chaney, Maryann Bakos, and Mindy Jared front line, and many others including a lot of cheerleaders. With standouts like Leticia Robledo running back, Laura Irrbra halfback, Laura Hager quarter-back, and many other sports inclined players the juniors gave their all against an evenly matched senior team.

Running was the key factor, both teams had quick and skillful runners which resulted in the touchdowns. The seniors scored first with a long run by Trenary. Springing right back with a touchdown the juniors' Robledo also had a long run, thus ending the half with a tie score of eight all. Dwayne Fox the coach of the seniors and Joe Otero the juniors coach discussed with their players new plays and defensive responsibilities. The game resumed play and with the clock dwindling down to the final minutes the seniors with an outburst of energy scored on a 40 yard run by Cristofaro. Only able to squeeze in one out of four downs the disappointed juniors lost by a single touchdown.

Proud members of the class of '83 strutted off the field while the girls of '84 plan for their big year as seniors when they have a years' experience backing them up when they are challenged by the spunky juniors in another Powder Pufi game.

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