I have a number of wall clocks. I like that I can hang them on the wall and not have to fight it out with radios, cameras, books and other things for valuable shelf space. It's increasingly difficult to find places to set things down, but I can still find some empty spaces on a wall somewhere.

D & A

D&A wall clock

This is a D&A wall clock with a wooden cabinet (I don't know what the wood is—cherry?) and a Korean 31-day movement. Right-hand wind on both sides, but stiff as hell; my hands would be beefy from winding this thing if it were an 8-day job. Very loud tick and strike. The face is shiny—I believe it's gloss-painted brass, but it's meant to resemble porcelain.

This was a gift for my 37th birthday, purchased new in 1992 from (I believe) J.C. Penney.

New England Clock Company

New England Clock Co.

One of my favorites; a gift for my 21st birthday, purchased new from a clock shop. Mahogony or cherry. A 14-day striker movement. Quiet and winds without threatening to tear your fingers off. Keeps great time and generally well behaved. If you watch the sitcom Spin City, there's a bar set where they sometimes go after work to drink: there's a clock that's virtually identical to this one mounted on the wall by their table.

The New England Clock Company was started by the family that ran the Sessions company for years, until Sessions was taken over. Sadly, the company folded in (I believe) the early 2000s. There's a short write-up about them here.

Ridgeway clock

Ridgeway wall clock

It doesn't say Ridgeway on the dial, but I believe it is anyway; I've got a couple of Ridgeways and it resembles them more than anything else I've seen; I've also seen another one of these with very similar styling, and it did have the Ridgeway brand.

This is similar to a grandfather (or really grandmother) clock but doesn't have the full case. It's walnut and looks a little rustic to my eye, so hangs on a wall in my kitchen. It's an 8-day strike & chime, with a pleasant note and an easy wind. Keeps decent time.

The frustrating thing about it is that it's goes through phases where it hangs up and stops about 5 days in. It seems to me, though I'm not sure, that if I keep it oriented so it's pefectly in-beat, it runs without a hitch; but it's only got one mounting hanger and it likes to rotate off-beat, and then it hangs. I keep meaning to do something to mount it and keep it plumb, but haven't come up with a good solution yet.


A gift from a friend of the family; my father fixed it and now it keeps decent time on one of my walls. No idea what it is other than an 8-day. I never understood why clock makers were so lax about identifying their movements and cases.

This one's missing the inner dial pan, which is why the works are visible. I kind of like that look.

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