Ridgeway Model 118Ridgeway Model 188

A thrift-shop find. It's an 8-day weight driven movement, strike and chime, with moon dial, in an oak cabinet. Not the nicest Ridgeway I've seen (my parents have a better model) but getting there. Keeps good time, but has a problem with the rods so the chime doesn't sound right. I keep telling myself I'm going to order a replacement set, but doing the work is not a trivial task and I keep forgetting to do it. Plus I figure I'll combine it with whenever the next repair or cleaning needs to be done. It's also missing a finial.

If the photo looks particularly strange--it's because the clock is in front of a marble-patterned mirror and there was no way I was going to move the clock just to get this photo.

Grandfather clock kitUknown kit

I don't know what the make is. It was a kit, purchased at Big Lots by my parents as a 40th birthday gift. They know I like putting together kits.

Like my Ridgeway wall clock, this one has decorative, non-working weights; it has a 31-day, right-hand strike and time wind. Keeps good time but needs a lot of adjustment.

I always thought this would benefit from a few little things to dress it up, like a fake keyhole on the regulator door, but haven't done anything about it yet.

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