Links and Other Resources

This page offers links to other sources that may offer other related or relevant material of interest. I do not currently offer images, sound clips, or other Barry materials that are copyrighted. If some other site does offer such items, I'll be happy to create a link to it. If you find web pages with Barry information, please let me know so that I can update this list.

Soundtrack Retailers and Specialists

Footlight Records

A new and used soundtrack retailer based in New York. Lots of stuff, including a lot of binyl.


A soundtrack retailer based in San Francisco. Lots of stuff, plus they produce some titles under their own label.

Screen Archives Entertainment

Another excellent source specializing in soundtracks. Their search capability goes across their databases (so if you search on "Barry," it'll look through both the regular inventory and the rare inventory).

Barry's far more popular in hometown England than he is in the USA, and's UK site is a good source for in-print Barry stuff. You can often find things there that aren't available on the left side of the pond.

Internet Sites

James Bond Radio

This is the web front-end for "James Bond Radio" — there's also a Facebook group and a YouTube channel) — which covers all things Bondian, including the music. There's some excellent stuff on there about the music, in particular Warren Ringham's "The James Bond Theme" episode of "The Music of Bond Podcast". In the first half he discusses the song at length; in the second half he goes through the lawsuit page and illustrates it with pieces of music, which makes it a lot easier to understand it when the song gets deconstructed and compared to other songs like "Good Sign/Bad Sign" and "Bee's Knees." Highly recommended.

Q the Music Show: The James Bond Tribute Band

I'm not much on most orchestral covers of Bond music because they usually lack the energy and unusual arrangements of the original scores; but these people do it right. Their versions are faithful to the spirit of the originals. Plus they also perform some of the "deep tracks," not just "Goldfinger" and "A View to a Kill" and the other top hits.

The link goes to their Facebook page and you can see them in action there, but they're all over YouTube as well. Highly recommended and worth your time to check them out.

John Barry: The Man with the Midas Touch

An excellent John Barry site (better than mine). Lots of news, photos, and information. Go there. Now.

Yahoo's John Barry Discussion Group

Once active, now dead, but you can still access the archives.

Film Score Monthly

Arguably the best film music magazine available (the people at Soundtrack may have something to say about that)—and it's now on the net! They have articles, information, and CD's to sell (including Barry's Deadfall and Monte Walsh). It is worth your while.


Another excellent site for all things Film Music.