Frequently Asked Questions

I get a fair amount of email from people who read these pages. Please don't get me wrong--I don't mind it at all. But what usually happens is that I set them aside in a special area to await replies--and then because I'm a) busy and b) very absentminded, I forget about them. I hope this FAQ will answer a lot of the most common questions that I get. Please read this file before you email me with queries, because this FAQ may answer it a lot faster than a personal reply.

Who is John Barry?

I thought I answered this in the biography, but I do get mail saying something like, "I love John Barry. Do you know where I can get him singing Honky Tonk Donkey?" Pardon me??? The one we're concerned with here is the film music composer. He wrote the music for most of the James Bond movies, the hit song Born Free, and the oscar-winning scores for Out of Africa and Dances with Wolves, among other things. The John Barry on these pages is not the country singer, not the actor, and not the Revolutionary War naval commander [though I'd like to see his home page].

Is [whatever title you can think of] available on CD? LP?

Just about everything I know that's available is listed in my filmography, nonsoundtrack discography, compilations, and Barry-music-by-other-artists pages. I list the known formats for every title that I know of--so if I list The Wrong Box as being on LP only, then it's because I don't know of a CD issue for The Wrong Box. However, please note that my list of bootlegs is very, very spotty. A lot of this is simply the nature of bootlegs--they're illegal and they try to fly under the radar; there are many of them of varying quality. I list the ones I know of and the ones I think are worth mentioning (like Barryola). But I won't list every CD-R that's available on eBay.

How can I find [whatever title you can think of]?

On my Links and Resources page I list several online mail order outlets that carry soundtracks. Three of them in particular, Footlight Records in New York, Intrada in San Francisco, and Screen Archives Entertainment are particularly good sources for soundtracks, both domestic and import. I recommend checking them. You might also try the better stocked record stores first--I sometimes come across imported CDs that I wouldn't typically see--like the Japanese pressing for A View To A Kill.

There are a few titles that are particularly rare and difficult to find--and they're usually expensive when found. The one that comes to mind immediately is the original score to Body Heat [both LP and CD]. You won't find them at the local record store. I suggest first trying the local used record stores--you never know--and if you have the time and the inclination, garage sales. That's where you can pick up stuff for little or nothing because people don't know what's rare.

If you want to spend the money, get on the usenet newsgroup Rec.Music.Movies or Rec.Music.Marketplace. Various people sell soundtrack albums on those groups--usually in auction. If you don't find anyone selling the items you want, post a message with a subject like WTB: HARD TO FIND SOUNDTRACKS [WTB means "wanted to buy." It alerts all the record sellers that you're looking for something they might have to sell]. In the mesage itself, state the titles you want, the format you want, and ask for people to reply with a price and the condition of the item.

Be warned that you take a chance on doing business in this way. There are reputable, honest people who'll be happy to sell you records, but there's always a chance you'll get scammed--because they're going to want you to send the money before they ship the record. My advice is never to pay more for a record or CD than you can afford to lose.

And of course, everything shows up on eBay eventually.

I heard a really cool, pop/dance version of The John Dunbar [or the Dances With Wolves] Theme. Is it available anywhere?

Yes. There are two versions of the Dances with Wolves soundtrack [three if you count Moviola 2]--a standard release and a Gold release. The Gold release has everything on the standard edition and includes three more tracks--one non-Barry piece called Buffalo Hunt by Peter Buffett, and the other two are pop versions of the Dances With Wolves and the John Dunbar Themes.

Why don't you list THUNDERBALL & 007'S OTHER GREATEST HITS, PERFORMED BY NATE NOBODY & THE CODEBREAKERS?, or other James Bond compilations?

There are just too many. Everyone and his band came out with a 007 album back in the mid-1960's, and the big thing now is the compilations of title songs. Even that wouldn't be so bad except that certain record companies love to change the title and the cover art and rerelease the same recorded music over and over to victims like myself who'll buy almost anything with James Bond music on it. Plus--most of them are awful.

Why don't you list singles?

There are too many of them. I may begin listening them on the album pages if I find the time.

What gives with [name a rare title]? Was it/will it ever be released on CD?

I'm going to run down the titles that are mentioned most often and tell you everything I know about them:

Follow Me
It came out on a Japanese import LP under the Victor [as in RCA] label. It's rare and pricey too. There's also a bootleg CD--it's rare and I don't know what the typical price is because I've never seen it for sale. However, there's a more recent copy of Follow Me on a bootleg edition CD, and it comes with the previously unreleased score to Walkabout. So check the usual outlets.
Raise the Titanic
The original score to Raise the Titanic is not and never has been issued as an original soundtrack. It is believed that the original masters were ruined or destroyed. You can get Nic Raine's re-creation of the score, which is the next best thing.
The Black Hole
This is available on an LP. I hear it's rare, yet I personally keep seeing it for sale here and there. Disney never released a CD of it--nobody knows why. There are plenty of bootlegs available of varying quality (look on eBay).

Where can I get the sheet music for [insert title here]?

I don't collection sheet music so I'm a terrible person to ask. There are a number of retailers on the web who sell sheet music--a Google search will find them. Try searching on the title of what you want and "sheet music." You should get a number of hits. If you want something fairly easy like piano or guitar, you may find it. If you want an orchestral arrangement, good luck.