No Soundtrack Release

The Movie

For years I thought this was a biopic of the author Willa Cather. Turns out it's about a young, single mother who quits her diner waitressing job to become a long haul truck driver and support her young kids. Features John Amos as the crusty guy who teaches her to drive, and Cloris Leachman doing a credible Dolly Parton impersonation. I found it very uneven all the way through. I don't remember a dog being in it at all.

This may be the only movie of the era featuring tractor-trailers where nobody used a CB radio.

The Music

Barry's music is a little unusual in that it's a faster tempo and a bit brighter than what I'm used to hearing from him. He's got the main and end titles and all of the dramatic underscore, but a nice montage early on. Later there's a long stretch where it turns into a Country jukebox.

Release Notes

No soundtrack was released. I am not aware of any of this music being released in any form. It's not even re-recorded by Nic Raine, which is saying something. A shame, too; while the music is obviously John Barry, it's a bit of a departure in being a bit more upbeat than most of his other work.

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