cover art for A Tribute to Sean Connery

A Tribute to Sean Connery


CD: Ede EDE 7004-2
Performed by Orchestra Seattle

  1. James Bond Theme
  2. From Russia with Love
  3. Goldfinger
  4. The Russia House [Jerry Goldsmith]
  5. You Only Live Twice
  6. Thunderball
  7. Robin & Marian
  8. The Great Train Robbery [Jerry Goldsmith]
  9. Diamonds are Forever
  10. The Man Who Would Be King [Maurice Jarre]
  11. The Molly Maguires [Henry Mancini]
  12. The Wind and the Lion [Jerry Goldsmith]
  13. The Untouchables [Ennio Morricone]
  14. End credits to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade [John Williams]

The Music

This is an anthology of film music from Sean Connery movies, which includes several pieces by Barry, as well as pieces by Jerry Goldsmith, Henry Mancini and others.