Peggy Sue Got Married


LP: Varese Sarabande STV 81295

CD: Varese Sarabande VCD 47275

  1. Peggy Sue's Homecoming
  2. Charlie's Unplayed Guitar
  3. Did We Break Up?
  4. Charlie, I Had the Strangest Experience

cover art for Peggy Sue Got Married

The Movie

An interesting movie—I'll say that. I liked the plot. Peggy Sue (Kathleen Turner), through the magic of Hollywood, faints at a high school reunion. When she wakes up she's back in high school again, age 18, but with her full memory. I.e. she knows what will happen in her future. She knows she'll marry that dumbass Nicholas Cage and be miserable (who wouldn't be?). So she decides to take the other road—dumps his sorry ass and indulges her interest in the troubled, motorcycle-riding bad-boy. Eventually she discovers that maybe the Nicholas Cage character had something going for him afterall.

Which would have worked if it hadn't been Nick Cage. In an interview (might have been the Playboy interview) he talked about playing the character in an incredibly obnoxious manner. Yeah—he did. I hated him. It ruined the movie for me because I couldn't see why Peggy Sue would have gone back to him at the end no matter what. If those were her choices, there was always the convent.

The Music

I saw the movie when it was originally out and I don't remember any of Barry's score. I'll pop it in some time and try it again.

Release Notes

The LP and CD came out around the time of the movie, and shouldn't be too difficult to find. One side of the LP is the Barry music, the other side is pop songs from the era, highlighted by Buddy Holly's title song. On the CD it simply works out to the first four tracks being Barry's score.

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