cover art for Passion Flower Hotel

Passion Flower Hotel


LP: CBS BPG 62598
CD: Sony West End SMK 66175
Lyric by Trevor Peacock

  1. School Song
  2. A Little Hammer
  3. What a Question
  4. What Does This Country Need Today?
  5. The Syndicate
  6. Naughty Naughty
  7. How Much of the Dream Comes True?
  8. Tick Which Applies
  9. Passion Flower Hotel
  10. A Great Big Nothing
  11. I Love My Love
  12. Beastly, Beastly
  13. Something Different
  14. Don't Stop the Show
  15. School Song

The Movie

Barry's first musical, where he met and later married British pop icon Jane Birken.

The Music

Comments later.

Release Notes

"How Much of the Dream Comes True?" was later recorded by Barbra Streisand.