The More Things Change

Film, TV & Studio Work 1968-1973

cover art for The More Things Change compilation


CD: Ace Records CDTOP 1615

  1. Midnight Cowboy
  2. We Have All the Time In the World (instrumental version)
  3. Theme from Romance for Guitar and Orchestra (single version)
  4. Who Will Buy My Yesterdays (from OHMSS)
  5. Fun City (from Midnight Cowboy)
  6. The Lion in Winter (jazz instrumental version)
  7. On Her Majesty's Secret Service (single version)
  8. Theme from The Appointment
  9. Try (from OHMSS)
  10. The More Things Change
  11. Afternoon
  12. A Little Old-Fashioned Nostalgia
  13. Theme from The Persuaders
  14. Petulia main title
  15. Theme from Walkabout
  16. Follow Follow
  17. Diamonds Are Forever (single instrumental version)
  18. Highway 101 (from Petulia)
  19. The Adventurer
  20. This Way Mary (from Mary Queen of Scots)
  21. The Children
  22. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Suite

The Music


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