cover art for Mercury Rising

Mercury Rising


CD: Varese Sarabande VSD-5925

  1. The Story Begins...(3:01)
  2. Simon's Theme (3:07)
  3. The Puzzle (1:34)
  4. Barrell Kills Parent (1:59)
  5. Looking for Simon (2:20)
  6. Meeting with Kudrow (3:39)
  7. The Train Search - Art & Simon (3:09)
  8. Simon is Going Home (1:56)
  9. Rooftop Arrival (2:07)
  10. Simon on the Edge - Death of Kudrow (3:33)
  11. I'm a Friend of Simon's (2:08)
  12. The Story Ends...(5:12)

The Movie

Bruce Willis and Alec Baldwin duke it out over a child-prodigy codebreaker. I never saw it. I'll try it again, but it's just not my kind of movie.

The Music

I'll update this when I see the movie.

Release Notes

The word I heard was that this was another one of those projects that was being mickey-moused to death in editing. They had a turkey and knew it. They kept messing with it and wanted Barry to rescore. Barry said no and walked. Carter Burwell was called in, and the film score is a mix of Barry's and Burwell's ques. The soundtrack CD, however, is entirely Barry's original score. I don't know if Carter Burwell's music shows up on any other release.

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