cover art for Masquerade



CD: Prometheus PCR 514

  1. Main Title
  2. Graduation Compulsive Promptness
  3. Masquerade/Daddy Would Have...
  4. Face Slap
  5. Virgin Sacrice
  6. The Fight/Tony Dies/Police
  7. Two Glasses/Violence,Not Affection
  8. Married
  9. Ann Is Dead/I Sleep Like A Baby..
  10. "Obsession" Is Ready/Pregnant
  11. Tim & Brooke
  12. Cool It/Birthday..
  13. No Crash
  14. Your Move, Romeo
  15. Sabotage
  16. Explosion
  17. She's Alive
  18. End Titles
  19. Made For Each Other vers. 1
  20. Pity The Poor
  21. Made For Each Other Vers. 2
  22. It Was You
  23. The Last Dance
  24. Lobster - House Blues
  25. Lobster - House Rock

The Movie

I never saw it. I think it's a murder mystery. Rob Lowe and Meg Tilly.

The Music

I've got the bootleg but I haven't listened to it in years. When I get the Prometheus edition I'll listen to it comment here.

Release Notes

The movie tanked--I have no recollection that it ever opened. The soundtrack floated around as bootleg for awhile, and then Prometheus put it out as a limited edition CD in 2003.

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