Lolita My Love


LP: Blue Pear Records BP 1009
Lyric by Alan Jay Lerner

cover art for Lolita My Love
  1. Overture
  2. Going, Going, Gone
  3. The Same Old Song
  4. Saturday
  5. In the Broken Promise Land of 15
  6. The Same Old Song (Reprise)
  7. Dante, Petrarch and Poe
  8. Sur Les Quais
  9. Charlotte's Letter
  10. Farewell, Little Dream
  11. At the Bed-D-By Motel
  12. Tell Me, Tell Me
  13. Buckin' for Beardsley/Beardsley School for Girls
  14. March Out of My Life
  15. The Same Old Song (Reprise)
  16. All You Can Do is Tell Me You Love Me
  17. How Far is It to the Next Town
  18. How Far is It to the Next Town (Reprise)
  19. Lolita
  20. Finale

The Play

Alan Jay Lerner is my favorite lyricist--a man who could write a song whose lyrics were witty and logical at the same time. And John Barry delivered some wonderful melodies ("The Same Old Song" and "How Far is it to the Next Town" rattle in my head and won't go away). But if the basis of the musical is Nobokov's notorious Lolita, about a pedophile's disasterous infatuation with a little girl, you have an enormous hole to try and climb out of. They couldn't. The show never made it to Broadway and the original cast recording was cancelled.

The Music

The LP I have (which is, or at least was, fairly easily obtained) was recorded from the theater's internal sound system, and the sound quality is God-awful. Think of a cassette recorder placed on stage and you have a decent idea of what to expect. Nevertheless--and I was predisposed to dislike the story--I liked the songs. I wish this thing had opened and played long enough to get a cast recording released. There's a mix--"Going, Going Gone is upbeat and fun (Shirley Bassey recorded a cover of it), "The Same Old Song" is unusual but I love the melody. "In the Broken Promise Land of 15" was whimsical and downbeat (and rated a cover by Bob Goulet), and the "How Far is It to the Next Town" was very long but fascinating as both a song and a way of advancing the play. That song made it as a cover on a tribute CD called Lerner, Lowe and Lane (and was butchered. What an awful CD).

Release Notes

I am still confused over exactly what survives. My listing comes from an LP taken from a recording made on the theater's internal sound system (the sound quality is very flat). I have heard that there is another LP or EP floating around with different music. And someone else claims to have additional music that nobody else has. The title role of Lolita was recast, and musicals are known for going through reams of music during rehearsals as songs are added, cut and changed to make the play work. And Lolita was a troubled play. If the tapes were rehearsal checks, then it's very possible that multiple copies are floating around in one form or another. How many saw vinyl (or later CD) is anyone's guess.

Barry's own instrumental single "Lolita" appears on compilations. Shirley Bassey recorded the song "Going, Going, Gone" on her Never, Never, Never LP, and Robert Goulet recorded "In The Broken-Hearted Land of 15." A S.T.A.G.E. tribute to Alan Jay Lerner, Lerner, Lowe and Lane has performances of "How Far is It to the Next Town" and "In the Broken Promised Land of 15."