cover art for The Jagged Edge

The Jagged Edge


LP: Varese Sarabande 81252
CD: Varese Sarabande BCL 6001

  1. Suite Part I
  2. Suite Part II


The Movie

People don't seem to talk about this one anymore--but I remember when it came out it made a big splash. It's a very good movie. Glenn Close is a lawyer who defends Jeff Bridges, who is accused of killing his wife. Bridges played it nicely on the edge so that you were never sure, along with Glenn Close, whether he was truly guilty or not. Great movie--too bad it seems to be forgotten now.

The Music

Honestly I don't remember the music. I saw the movie when it was out but haven't seen it since. I played the LP once when I acquired it and that's it. I remember it being quiet and moody, but I can't say anything more concrete.

Release Notes

The soundtrack came out on LP on the Varese label and is fairly easy to find. The CD is another matter entirely. In the 80's Varese Serabande used to have a soundtrack club, much the way Film Score Monthly does now. They would press a very limited number of discs (in this case 1,000), make them available to members, and that was it. The Jagged Edge has never been re-released commercially on CD. You can still find the CD if you hunt for it, but it is very collectable and very expensive.

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